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The PP propaganda machine hard at work this week trying to build a hype that is all leading up to an over inflated rally comprising mainly of party loyalists, and with ranks boosted by mandatory attendance for URP and Cepep workers, and goodies for those extra so inclined to attended to eat-ah-food off of crumbs that are so graciously dropped from the table. Hype doesn’t come out of thin air however (well other than Machel Montano primed to perform at the rally). So where did yet another Government Fete come so recently after the national election victory fete? Lets take a look. 

We all know about the Section 34 Fiasco that is currently ongoing (if you dont, check here- What this prompted among the lies, was for the Opposition to lead a march calling for the heads of those responsible to roll (figuratively of course as the Government has been playing both sides with the death penalty issue). The first step in passing off blame, was to blame the Parliament as a whole for empowering the Government to be given the chance to corrupt things. While we are at it here I guess we should blame the  Ancient Athenians (Greeks) for the system of democracy. Damn you Greek philosophers for your laying down empowerment of the people through an elected body! Now that the blame game here is over, the second step? Group everyone who didn’t take the Government’s chain up as Opposition and call for the Opposition Leader’s removal. In other words the Govt’s response to the call for the removal of those directly responsible is “No, You!”

Now that one unpopular (and sort of mad) Minister has been thrown under the bus to protect the others responsible as well as make the PM look like she took action, the drama continues. Essential to the Govt’s propaganda machine is a ‘show of force,’ although it’s more like them ‘forcing a show’. The mid-week, mid day march which gathered over 10 000 people and 25 000 signatures against the Govt’s Section 34 actions is being downplayed as a lack of support for the Opposition (although they are far from the only ones outraged). So big plans in the works to plan a massive rally and respond to the Opposition led march with “We have more people here, ha ha.” The maturity of the current Government seems to have no bounds…

By making it an “our numbers vs your numbers” issue is misleading to the public to gain support, but the PR attempts are being easily seen through. Talk of Manning and Rowley in corruption are being given some shock therapy to be brought back to life but are flat-lining in the public’s eye. Misdirection isn’t enough now and going back into Manning talk is grasping at straws at the very best. Manning was voted out and the (former) PP supporters waited eagerly to see him locked up. But Alas, we voted for change, thought we got exchange, and as Franco said, we got short-changed. The PP has been in Government for over 2 yrs, time to move forward and do something instead of continuing to talk about what the former Administration didn’t do. 

Want more joke? Minister of Housing Moonilal has threatened that if Rowley doesn’t stop in this call for the removal of the AG and the PM to account that he will bus files on the Opposition leader’s corruption. So in other words he is claiming that the State has vital incriminating information on a former Minister and member of Parliament yet is withholding it as some sort of political fire? If so this by itself is a perversion of duty and incompetent governance. Pick what you are, either incompetent or corrupt, but don’t choose to be both nah, it’s making us feel stupid by association. Allegations against the Opposition Leader must be looked into, but in no different way than everyone else, including members of the current Administration. The Government has failed to bring this matter further than the rum shop talk. Remove anyone who is involved in corruption be it the highest seat in office to the janitor who taking a bribe to copy a paper from the office and hand it off. 

Ok now back to the current fete at hand. A Pre-Budget rally? They say its not, but can’t help but notice the timing of it, 2 days before a much anticipated national budget which is predicted to be painful on the citizens and playful on those in power. So this is how the Govt is going to ween in yet another over extravagant budget while keeping spending (and tiefing) high. 10-1 they going to lie about what it contains anyway because more people watch a rally than the sitting of Parliament. We kick out Manning for not addressing the issues while doing this kinda ting. What we accepting the clown squad in cabinet now for again? In anycase, reeeeel political wine and grind going on weekend. Professional winers poised to get up on stage and show the nation that they have no shame in how dutty they can get on. Passa passa style can be expected as the PR is getting more shameless and sloppy as they go alone. 

So to sum it all up-
How to avoid accounting for Section 34 according to the movements of the UNC/PP or whatever farce of a Government exists today. 

-Shut up until the public demands a response
-Say it’s not your fault because you were given the chance to do it.
-Throw a disliked Minister under the bus
-Say it’s not your fault again, that it was his
-Group all against the Fiasco as Opposition supporters
-Call for the removal of Opposition Leader
-Set up propaganda blog agents and pages left right and center
-Plan massive rally to repeat all of the above to a larger crowd.

Iz wine time for those giving in. Good Governance? Doh study all that, take a tax payer’s sponsored drink-ah-drink and eat-ah-food and wine to the ground with it.

Stop Tolerating: Start Changing

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—What you can tolerate you can never change.—
-We tolerate crime.
-We tolerate alcohol abuse.
-We tolerate corruption.
-We tolerate bad service.

Why can’t we change these things? Because we are either part of it or we tolerate it. If we are outside of the scope of those who engage in activities that bring us down as a nation and a people, then we more stop tolerating and start demanding change. Tolerance is a road that in most cases leads to acceptance. That is why we accept so many things now that we shouldn’t, stop tolerating and start changing!

-Make police reports constantly
-Educate about dangers of alcohol abuse
-Hold those involved in corruption accountable
-Lodge complaints and stop shopping at places with bad service.

Our local lazy neutral stance mentality needs to stop. Take action.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi) first, and then encourage others to do the same.

Section 34: Double Take

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Just when we thought the dust would settle on the Section 34 Fiasco as the Prime Minister was forced to address the nation on the matter, even more was kicked up. Where did this start, and where is it now? Read on and see the most boldface stab in the back to our democracy. 

It all started with the passing of an act containing the controversial Section 34 which was considered an important element in a more fair administration of justice. Basically it stated that a person could not be charged for a crime 10 years after the commission of that crime. Now this was passed with the Government assurance that the bill will be proclaimed (made law) next year January in order to allow matters currently before the courts to take their courses to justice. What a shock it was when it was discovered that in all of the bacchanal surrounding the extravagant Independence Day celebration, Section 34 was proclaimed early. No no, not the Bill at hand, just a single stand alone provision being made law by itself. Absurd? Why just ask the D.P.P. (as he used this word to describe this), the Chamber of Commerce, the Chief Justice, opposing government organizations, humanitarian NGOs, and waves of attorneys who have been up in arms against this golden Fiasco. 

Who where the first 2 that rushed towards using the clause? Why Ish and Steve of course. That lovable duo of corruption who’s signatures are on multi-million dollar UNC party cheques. Coincidence? So the Government says without saying it. Mark buss, US embassy get vex (as they were suppose to be extradited for serious financial charges in the US), which was skillfully blocked by the AG, and all of us sudden the Government falls silent. Coincidence again? Over to an emergency cabinet meeting, and then an emergency Parliament sitting to repeal Section 34, with retroactive effect. The call for repeal (which was agreed upon in the Lower House and the Senate), came with the call from the Government “Just move on, and allya vote for it too eh!”. Just move on? Nah nah nah, this is too serious to be a 10 day (wuk) wonder, and the opposition voted for the Bill, not the early proclamation. More misdirection that ended up directing the public to ask more questions.

The call now for answers. The PM remained silent on the matter despite the cry from the public for answers.  Lets put things into perspective here;
-A law is passed unanimously with trust instilled in the Government to proclaim in due time.
-The Government proclaims it early with a giant smokescreen of a costly 50th Independence Celebration.  
-Days later Ish and Steve file to be let off of charges under Section 34
-Mark Buss, Nation Outraged
-PM remains quiet. 

So what happens now? The Opposition announces a march to demand answers and action. NGOs including The Jericho Project and Fixin’ TnT jump in the mix in the interest of action being taken. Over 10 000 citizens in the middle of the week at 1:00pm march from the Red House (still under renovations) to the President’s House (still under renovations as well…), and over 25 000 signatures are collected in less than 48 Hrs. The President is on vacation (yet again), but the acting President Hamelsmith receives the petition. The call was for the removal of the AG, the Justice Minister, and the immediate addressing of the nation by the PM in regards to the fiasco. The National Security Minister during this march makes a statement that he doesn’t care what the people demand, the PM will make a statement if she chooses to and wont is she doesn’t (an elected official saying he doesn’t care what the people demand…seriously? He’s that arrogant now?). O and btw, the Minister of Legal Affair Prakash Ramadhar said he sorry, not like anyone really cared or considers the COP relevant in any way again but guess it should be mentioned just for the hell of it. 

The PM addressed the Nation. The PM Addressed the nation thinking that she danced around the issue of the Proclamation of Section 34 with the finesse of a well trained boxer when it looked more like the moves of a fresh amateur wrestler. The room full of our expanded cabinet of 36 members took their seats. The Justice Minister wasn’t invited to the cabinet pre-meeting. Started in her usual fashion (almost an 45mins-1hr later than announced), the PM claimed that she held back opinion until she did her investigations. Now this implies that she didn’t know what was going on…wonder if clueless-ness in her own cabinet was really the best defense here, but hey, anything would be better to admitting to a lie/conspiracy. What followed an erratic and non-comprehensive public law lesson on the separation of powers. At this point with extreme fidgeting, implying that she knows she’s not entirely confident or plain out knows that the statements are soaked in political sewage. She emphasizes that the Parliament voted for this as a whole and she couldn’t speak for why they did so, avoiding what we really wanted to know, ‘Why the early proclamation.’ Putting it off on the Opposition saying that if it didn’t pass, then they wouldn’t have been able to proclaim it early. So in other words the PM is telling us that we can’t trust them with anything…Wait! It gets better!
After saying that no one in particular was benefiting here and that it was for the good of all citizens (Ish and Steve are citizens I guess), The PM then goes on to distance the AG from this matter as well, throwing the Justice Minister under the bus one time. Now while it is my (and many’s) view that the Justice Minister should have been removed a long time ago, he was used as a scapegoat here to save face. Following, the PM starts to reiterate the 2010 slogans for good governance and engages in self praise for integrity and against the PNM administration prior. Well we know they are still living in May 24th 2010, but they don’t realize that the nation isn’t again. This grand announcement let TnT wondering-Who is the PM really protecting?
-How could the PM avoid the major issue(s)?
-Why was the PM so unsure?
-What role did the AG really play?
-Why yuh lying for?
-What else is being done that we can’t trust?

Senator Al-Rawi was interviewed via phone on the TV station immediately following. The PNM and various NGOs forced Kamla up to bowl, she bowled a slow ball, and the Senator hit her for at least a 4 runs. He pointed out that the Genesis of the Proclamation needs to be reviewed, and noted that the PM attempted to take all responsibility and accountability off of the AG. The social media response from UNC party loyalists was that firing of the expendable and unpopular Volney as a show of good governance, and at then going back into Manning corruption and Rowley bacchanal. You know that you are out of fuel when you have to go back in history to Manning. The PR is falling short and this issue it not one that is going to be covered up easily with paid bloggers, far less what they intend, i.e. this being made into a plus for popularity.

Our trust as a nation has been betrayed. A section of a Bill made a stand alone law to protect two party financiers, and the revocation being a matter of “we get catch, pull back!” The excuse being to palm off the blame on the passing of it, affirming by the Government that we cannot trust them with doing the right thing (or at least what they say they will do). Ministers being thrown under the bus to protect inner circle members and a nation still left outraged and in furious want of answers. We have been hit so by surprise by this mess that we have to wonder if this really happened, so shockingly bold face that we are left to repeatedly do a Double Take. 

Doubt this issue is over by a long shot….

50th Independence: I Fly My Flag at Half Mast Today

We live in a time of Flair over Substance. A time where Soca’s Bend Over and Wine, is more important than Calypso’s Fix the Society. A false flag hung from a flagpole being quoted as “Just a piece of cloth” by a Govt Senator, and a photoshop flag war between our Govt and Opposition Leaders, both fighting down technicalities in the use. A time where everyone flies flags on their cars but throws trash out of the same car window. A time where patriotism is seemingly measured by how much red,white and black you can purchase and what stage you can reach to parade around on. This is why I keep my Flag in my Heart and not in my background. 

I saluted the physical flag when in service, and followed the proper protocol. I accept no emblem on my country’s symbol of Independence. I am disgusted by and would prevent whenever possible seeing darkness hit our Flag. I stand at attention whenever the anthem plays in public. I bleed the blood of a Trini and the sweat and tears that hit this soil bond me with it. I live by our watchwords; Discipline, Productivity, Tolerance. I respect my fellow man and strive to serve my people in whatever why that I can, to do not what they want, but what they need. 

The murder rate has surpassed countries who are in active wars, and stays up there. Road Fatality is at an all time high. Rape and domestic abuse is a normal part of life for some people and remain a norm in certain areas. Corruption, Nepotism and the Rum n’ Roti Eat-ah-Foodism are rampant and see no end in sight. NO Accountability in office! Conditioned Alcoholism! Sexual Harassment run services! Decrepit Hospitals! Discrimination! THE BLOOD OF OUR PEOPLE FLOWING IN THE STREETS AND THEN BEING COLLECTED IN BUCKETS TO BE USED TO PAINT THE STONES AND TREES OF OUR NATION TO CONTINUE DEPENDENCY PROGRAMS KEEPING OUR CITIZENS IN MENTAL-FINANCIAL BONDAGE! This is the reality. 

We have been building physically and corroding mentally since 1962. Family morals and a deep respect for our country has been replaced with depravity and a game of “patriotic” dress up. That is why I have not partaken in any celebrations for this our 50th Independence, I treat today as a day of mourning. A day where ‘my’ Flag flies at Half Mast for the fallen, and the state of our Beautiful but abused Nation. 
-Paul-Daniel Nahous

Road Madness (as usual)

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July 31 
While I would have normally braced from posting a pic like this, the country needs to see what is going on and wake the hell up. OVER 100 road FATALITIES for the year was the figure compiled at the beginning of July and we keep going downhill. I don’t care to hear people bicker about the circumstances of this particular incident, this sort of thing is caused in general by: Speeding, Drunk Driving, Reckless Driving. 

To the Government:
Put Breathalyzer armed police at the exit of the ave and at the exit of Chagaramus! Set up police mobile stations at points on the highway! Place proper highway barriers! Act NOW!

To the Citizens (especially the young people):
Stop the drunk driving, designate a driver or don’t drink! Stop the joyriding at the speed of a jet! Start realizing that you are not immortal and there are other innocents that you can maim or kill in your reckless behaviour.

Watch the picture and imagine how you would feel if it was your loved ones in that condition. 

My prayers go out to the families of the victims, and apologize if I have offended anyone who knows the victims personally as it would never be my intention to do so. For everyone else, take it in as hard as it is to chew, and swallow what has become a norm on our nation’s roads.

August 3

Our Health Sector needs a revamping. Efficient Committees consisting of members inside and outside of the Public Sector need to be assembled to assess what is going on in the General Hospitals and what can be done to improve the health care system overall.

The first step is to set a standard, that of the Private Hospitals, and to see what can be done to reach that standard. Sanitary facilities and equipment that hasn’t been made in medieval times is not something that is suppose to be a privilege to access, its basic health care. Move administrators who are curtailing the system by sleeping on duty when the reception area is full of patients and allow the doctors who are working hard to do their work. When doing investigations make sure that the process is fair and all encompassing and if the doctor is found to be at fault, penalize the senior doctors who tried to cover it up one time.

On the secondary aspect, a healthier lifestyle must be encouraged through an inter ministerial effort. The Ministry of Agriculture needs to support agriculture on a much larger scale in not only large farms but in the encouragement of peasant farming. The Ministry of Finance needs to reduce spending on importing food, particularly junk food and redirect the funding into our food production proving that the food is conducive to a medical health.

On the AG’s end, Legislate for accurate nutrition facts to be posted on all fast food restaurants and release the facts in public forums about the calorie breakdown in fast foods such as doubles and gyros. Slap down alcohol promotion restrictions in the same way it was done with tobacco and give us laws and enforcement against public drunkenness. Offer tax incentives to the Insurance companies who provide insurance policies which offer lower premiums to companies who enforce recreational exercise at lunch hours.

Teach the masses to live a healthy lifestyle through an aggressive health campaign and repair the broken net of a health system we have in place. Our tax $s and public policies (such as rotations and compulsory public sector service as well as a guaranteed need) provide the Public Health Care system with more resources than St. Clair Medical, WestShore, and St. Augustine Private combined x10. We need to demand to see that return on our taxes and the right treatment of us as a people. Direct us, especially the ignorant towards a healthy lifestyle, and have our medical treatment facilities run properly!

50% of TnT is clinically obese, according to a study done by the Ministry of Health last year, and 25% dying from cardiac related diseases (Official Ministry of Heath annual reports). I agree with and support the Health Minister’s campaign to “Fight the Fat.” I disagree however with a $30 000 cash prize for the Healthy Cook Off.

Non cash incentives such as a team award (rather than reward) and the publishing of their recipes in a public forum, I think would be much more proactive and progressive incentives. We need to take this a step beyond just exercise days and cook offs as well, including mass advertising the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables alongside pushing agricultural development.

Fight the Fat because it is the right thing to do, not for a hefty profit. Also this should be part of a holistic plan. The hospitals still need to be improved drastically. Allow a healthy lifestyle to work alongside a well kept medical care system, and then you will see a healthier Nation.

To those who take all of the pretty talk of those in power who promise galore but take little action, remember-
“It is medicine, not scenery, for which a sick man must go searching.”- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Crying in the Ghetto

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August 31

Cry For Help From the Ghetto:
Following the execution killing of an 11yr old child. Laventille Taxi Drivers shut down their services in protest, and were joined by many residents and resident activists. All fed up of the crime and criminals in their area. The drivers refused to provide transport for the day saying that they don’t want to drive any criminals and want peace. They came together in unison to express the needs of the decent people of Laventille who are plagued with the same criminal element that is dispatched from there into other areas of TnT making us murder, rape and robbery a normal part of Trinidad news. Their MP joined in in the call for Government to increase police patrols there and to offer more help in crime reduction/prevention, pledging their support to weeding out those persons. This was a peaceful protest, no burning of tyres or debris, no illegal activity, just concerned citizens in solidarity.

There is a lot that can be said about the state of Laventille, many there encourage crime if nothing else by simply harbouring criminals, but there are those who are honest and hard working. Those people face challenges with transport, stigma, and backwards social/environmental breeding that most of us would be unable to even live a week with. The time is not for the Government to meet them half way. Provide proper job programs, not just ‘day wuk’ initiatives. Offer a mix of policing, not just the ‘bad john’ police as bloodhounds. Take the area back from the criminals, they are undesired in society, and let the good people live in peace and without fear. Act NOW while the ignorance has been thrown aside for the greater good, before these people are lost forever.

Remember, Rich or Poor, Black or White, we are ALL ONE PEOPLE of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

“Here every Creed and Race find an equal place.” — at Note: not a pic from the taxi protest, from a former protest with Laventille residents.