Army Accident

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

September 5 
Soldiers injured in a truck turnover accident in Tobago. 

They were taken to Westshore Medical (Trinidad) with the National Security Minister stating to the media that no state expense will be spared in their (private sector) treatment. I think that the minister is mixing up funds once again, mistaking our tax $ for his $. Also does this imply that the Minister is admitting that the Public Hospitals are incompetent?

First of all I have a great deal of respect for the members of the TTDF in their various departments. That being said, I am still shaking my head at the idea that they must receive special treatment in this matter where the state has encouraged and is picking up the bill for the costs in one of the country’s most high class hospitals. They get special treatment and our tax $s spent in such a fettering manner because of the Minister’s attempt to mamaguy the armed forces and bring cheers from the public? What about those, especially the children who are lying down in horrible conditions in local health facilities praying that their family can raise enough curry/bb-Q funds to get them a major life saving surgery in a private centre?

What this should be used as is a chance to fix things:
1. Address the issue of the corner where the Truck flipped since it is considered a dangerous bend with no lights or proper signs.
2. Address the issue of Soldiers driving Trucks like they are racing to the finish line.
3. Address the issue of Tobago being unable to care for patients that are admitted to their hospitals (despite the large amount spent to open them and elaborate opening ceremonies).
4. Address the issue of the dilapidated and inhumane conditions at some of the Public Health Sector.

While we keep eating up PR and cheering for favoritism when it favours us, we will never advance. Use this as a chance to fix things, not put some make up and Westshore brand bandages and fool the public into thinking that the right things are being done at ever turn.

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