Carnival- Beads, Feathers , Flair. All throw away after Tuesday

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Sunday, February 19, 2012 at 8:07pm
Anya Ayoung-Che being made a tourism ambassador, with a $100 000 salary. Really? So Peter Elias who has been dipping into his own pocket since I can remember to promote fashion in TnT (through the miss TnT pageant) is considered just another fashion designer? The PP Government seems to award glitz and glamour and being bold faced in the face of sex scandals over hard work and dedication in an upright way. Not to take any accomplishments away from Anya for winning the show, but she did just that, won a season on a reality show. The nation came together to show support for a fellow Trini, and thats is right but as far as it should of gone. The Prime Minister rushes to meet and award her as she comes back into the country, because we all know that there is nothing wrong with the country’s administration which allows her to put meeting a celebrity at the top of her priority list. Guess nothing less could be expected from a “leader” who thinks that she is a Queen (SC), and is treating herself as such. 
The Calypsonians have threatened not to perform in Dimarche Gras. The Soca artistes have the chance to win $2million, and chutney soca artists get to shoot for $1million, while the Calypso grand prize remains at a new Ford automobile (valued at next to nothing in comparison, because it is tax free for the govt to provide). They damn right if they didnt perform. Soca is not the reason carnival start, Calypso is, Soca is the new kid on the block that has some flair. Soca is developing and deserves its place in the Carnival, but Calypso is our history and our pride, Soca is a party thing, Calypso is the substance behind all the mascaraing. The Minister of Art and Mulitculture, Winston “Gypsy” Peters is an Calypsonian that I admired not only as an artist, but as a Minister because he fought tirelessly for the rights of the performers. This however seems like a large oversight on his part, and now he is faced with a serious cultural issue to take to cabinet. It would be a spit in the face of his former colleagues. On the other side of the capital coin, the private companies need to do more to help promote Calypso, if it is true that they want to “promote local culture and artists.” If not, then just admit that that you are promoting big artists because it is profitable and their image is marketable. 
Culture in Trinidad and Tobago is on a razor’s edge right now. We can either choose to fight for what is just and save our culture, or sell our souls to the glamour and flair in hopes of our own 15mins of fame.

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