Crime Plan 2012- The Government’s CoP out

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 8:12am
As of yesterday (the murder toll for the year was a reported 3. 3/2, the murder statistics sounding much to much like West Indies cricket for anyone’s liking. During the campaign the PP paraded on stage and in the campaign office, saying they had a full decisive crime fighting plan for TnT, that high crime rates would be just a memory of PNM’s time in power. We’ve seen 8 years of crime become like a profession for many in ghetto areas (making more than most of us make honestly too and at the same time robbing us). 2 more years have passed, a Sate of Emergency declared and we still have crime rampant and worse yet no plan in place to deal with it. 
They brought down a foreigner to supposedly eliminate the bias that has corrupted the operations of the police, someone well qualified for the post. A bold move, pissed off many people, but seemed like a good move. Comissioner Gibbbs has come under much criticizm, especially with his high salary. For the job they want him to do and the mess they dropped him into I’m surprised that they’re not paying him more. A SoE was called without consulting CoP. Gibbs, in fact he was away at a Chief of Police meeting in Brazil. First of all, he is detained at the airport because he didnt know that he needed a visa. How the hell do the people arranging the trip for him locally not inform him of this and take the necessary steps? It looked more than anything like a bad mind move, a joke to embarrass him, or perhaps the worst just a totally unacceptable level of negligence. Nothing new for the TnT public sector, its  a history and practice of unacceptable conduct from the the corrupt PMs to the garbage truck thats parked up poorly on the street making us late for work/school but I digress.
The SoE declared, the CoP further insulted by not even being informed and the PM stating that he did not apply for permission for the trip. The announcement being made of a temporary appointment of an acting CoP before the PSC makes the announcement of their choice, and the threat that if Gibbs doesnt return in time they can legally remove him. Gibbs shows up early much to the surprise of the Executive. I can just imagine the look on his face -“But wah de muda so-an-so really goin on here, allya cyah be serious…nah!” In the face of this much non-sense, anyone can become a trini if even for moment. His first order of business? To send in the papers requesting to leave for the trip which were approved and signed by the PM’s office and the reliant authorities in charge of the matter. Then makes a statement from a police administrative stance to clarify the “hot spot” and non “hot spot” police authority and operations. Transparency however is not very consistent with this Government it seems as the weight of the political office comes down on the CoP, forcing him to withdraw anything he said that is in conflict with the PM’s words. Gibbs has now received a crash course in third world politics, trini style!
Now the PM and the AG down the Comissioner of Police’s throat to provide a crime plan. Where was the master crime plan that was spoken about when campaigning? All thats going on is road blocking and ticketing for revenue. Government revenue is number one priority because we know how expensive trips to Indian and New York is, and private helicopter fuel isnt cheap either. Now road blocks are important, and ticketing is important and something that I am glad to see happening, helps bring some law to this lawless society. This however seems to be the depth of the Government’s crime fighting initiative. 
The long and short? They hired Gibbs as a potential scapegoat. When things get worse and the heat is on the Government, his head is going on the chopping block post haste. Its happening all now. The great super heroes we put in power is weeding out the undesirable elements, how lucky are we. When all goes to hell, they are just going to cut off Gibb’s head, put it on a pike and parade it while at the same time not doing anything about the crime situation. I wonder if they are really going to appoint Assistant CoP Williams following this, his neck is pretty thick.

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