Crying in the Ghetto

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

August 31

Cry For Help From the Ghetto:
Following the execution killing of an 11yr old child. Laventille Taxi Drivers shut down their services in protest, and were joined by many residents and resident activists. All fed up of the crime and criminals in their area. The drivers refused to provide transport for the day saying that they don’t want to drive any criminals and want peace. They came together in unison to express the needs of the decent people of Laventille who are plagued with the same criminal element that is dispatched from there into other areas of TnT making us murder, rape and robbery a normal part of Trinidad news. Their MP joined in in the call for Government to increase police patrols there and to offer more help in crime reduction/prevention, pledging their support to weeding out those persons. This was a peaceful protest, no burning of tyres or debris, no illegal activity, just concerned citizens in solidarity.

There is a lot that can be said about the state of Laventille, many there encourage crime if nothing else by simply harbouring criminals, but there are those who are honest and hard working. Those people face challenges with transport, stigma, and backwards social/environmental breeding that most of us would be unable to even live a week with. The time is not for the Government to meet them half way. Provide proper job programs, not just ‘day wuk’ initiatives. Offer a mix of policing, not just the ‘bad john’ police as bloodhounds. Take the area back from the criminals, they are undesired in society, and let the good people live in peace and without fear. Act NOW while the ignorance has been thrown aside for the greater good, before these people are lost forever.

Remember, Rich or Poor, Black or White, we are ALL ONE PEOPLE of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

“Here every Creed and Race find an equal place.” — at Note: not a pic from the taxi protest, from a former protest with Laventille residents.

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