Darth Minister

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 September 8 

Kristopher Kolumbus re-discovered Trinidad in 14something. The exact date isn’t important, what is is the ‘why.’ Kolumbus landed on the shores of our great People’s (Banana) Republic in hopes that one day a great leader with great photo-shopped skin and hair would rise. The campaign slogan “We will rise” was really a mistranslated Sanskrit meaning “She will rise,” speaking of our local deity, the great Project Manager of our nation. 

Earlier you might have noticed that the new government copybook covers excluded our date of independence and Dr. Eric Williams being made the first PM at the time. Now really, what is the big deal? Independence was nothing more than a farce to distract us from the rise of our supreme leader (when our leaders combine), KamJack. This force through the use of their mighty power erased Independence from history itself, proving their right to rule over the People’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 

The wrath of our supreme leader KamJack however is just as fierce as their ‘eat-ah-food’ programs are generous. They have has proven their distaste with the lands of the PNM tribes of Trinidad by allowing great waves to flood these dark places, and by allowing bullets to rain as if a swarm of locus in similar places. Economic destruction was made imminent for some, and the civil liberties parted with a wave of the hand. This is the fate of those who show not their dedication to the Rising Sun in the sky. 

There is much yet to be revealed, watch for the signs…

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