Doubles Disaster: $4 fatality

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 9:00pm

Report Summary: A 21 year old boy eats a doubles at a popular stand on Friday night (PoS) and refuses to pay. After getting into an argument with the vendor over his refusal to pay, the perpetrator goes to his car, returns with a knife and stabs the vendor, who is a father of 5, and he dies thereafter. 
Rumors have been spreading as to the scenario but this was the report that he was arrested under and I will be dealing with the issue as such. 
Social:The level of ignorance in this case is mind blowing. I don’t think there are words to describe how outrageously pig headed and malicious the reasoning here was for the attacker. The perpetrator in question here did not come from a lower socio-economic background according to the status of some of his close relatives. This points the behavioural patterns to that of not a hardened frustrated criminal but hooligan criminal activity which has risen drastically in the middle and upper class ‘children.’ There very well may have been some level of intoxication as well, which in no way exempts him from the activities, but does say something for the amplified lack of responsibility that is experienced in this state.
Legal:First of all, the law does not provide provisions to exempt or mitigate in any way a defendant who has voluntary intoxicated his/herself. The courts’ approach is to treat the person as if they were of a sober mind at the time. With surrounding factors stated (whether true or fabricated) a defense attorney would try to mitigate the murder to manslaughter (which is a bailable offence, i.e. one can receive bail for it), as well as carrying a lesser sentence (the sentence for Murder being mandatory life imprisonment). The precedent that has been set in our Courts is that once there is a ‘cooling off’ period (however small), the accused is considered to have been operating with clear intentions, similar to the U.S.’s requirement of of ‘pre-meditation’ in ‘Murder in the First Degree’. 
Youth Response:A friend of the accused posted a picture of themselves on FB with the description “My boy for life! Full Support!” which made an uproar but not in the way that one would normally think. What occurred was a flooding of support for the perpetrator. Is this the society we have woken up to find ourselves in? Where we support our friends to the extent that if he murders an innocent man over not being allowed to steal a doubles, leaving behind a widow and 5 fatherless children with their man source of income halted, we show love and support towards him? His friends should be outraged and withdraw support for this action, and furthermore should use this as an example that they need to keep each other in check in future. Recognize the act for what it is and move on from there for the betterment of society. 
I really have to say that I am saddened not only by the action but the implications that this has on our society. Would alcohol control laws and a police presence have prevented this tragedy? How have our youths come to this? Where is the sanity in our country? I express my sympathy to the family of those who lost the head of their household and hope that justice prevails in the case, but even so, if we do not put proactive systems in place and continue to be a solely reactive society, I can easily see this happening many times over.
We need to, as a people, change our way of thinking, alongside demanding that measures are put in place for our innocent citizens.

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