Emancipation from Emancipation (2012)

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 8:12pm 
The week before this celebration this happened: 
Our local Emmancipation Committee fulfuilled their role as a repeat of the African Chiefs selling over their people. Slavery was the white man manipulating the black leaders naivety and greed to exploit their own people. Now they are putting and keeping their own people in mental bondage for the same ‘shiny things’ mentality that enticed West African tribal leaders. Giving away $4M total at a whim without any accountability or budget. We need an “Emancipation, from The Emancipation Committee , Committee.”
Today was an important day in our history, but a sad day in modern Trinidad and Tobago. What is suppose to be celebrated as a day of Emancipation from slavery has become a celebration that exemplifies the state of cultural slavery which not only still exists but is stronger than ever. 
Many of African decent (especially their ‘cultural’ leaders) have repeated the mistake of the West African chiefs in selling their people into slavery. Putting your people in this form of ment
al bondage is no different, and as a matter of fact may be worse than putting them in physical bondage. 
Many “Emancipation” Fete’s took place last night, and a lot of Government granted funding to the “Emancipation Committee” (of a $4M total) is unaccounted for. An excuse to drink and get on wild at night, and to march but forget where the money is going the next day. All the while the PM is dressed up in her African garb, and where they see it as good PR by indulging, I see it as a mockery of their culture by using it as a shallow, insincere display. You want to show that you support Trinbagonians of African decent? Then stop treating every little black boy that gets gunned down as a statistic and handle social development and crime passed the stage of just ole talk.
Furthermore some take this day as an excuse to twist a racial divide until it ends up as a racist divide. A man in Tobago during the celebration was photographed walking around with a sign marked “Jesus is Black,” as well as others partaking in public talks of “white oppression” and the “black supremacy.” Note to all, any “supremacy” movement, the KKK, the Black Panthers, is a racist movement, they are all the same -our race should dominate your’s-
Great men such as Martian Luther King Jr. and would be rolling in his grave not only to see what his race has become, but what his world (that he pictured unified) has become. Racism is a 2 way road and because of it being a certain day or way does not make it acceptable. 
What does emancipation mean when so many of African decent in Trinidad and Tobago are below the poverty line, in jail, in gangs, laid on in the road and experience a sense of hopelessness breed by generations of a “feel sorry for me” and “its allya fault for what I do” mentality. Communities need to start acting like a family and not a gang. Young black men and women must be taught to be the change and follow in the footsteps of the greats such as Nelson Mandela and Sir. Ellis Clarke rather than 50cent and Vybz Kartel. 
I wish all of those who celebrate this day for the right reason a Happy Emancipation Day and challenge them to uplift themselves, their community and our Nation as a whole. “Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve.”

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