Holey Predicament

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

September 5


What was viewed as a tragedy in road works today, turns out to be a great opportunity for our nation. The Hole that was a result of a collapse of a chunk of the Beetham Highway has officially been declared The People’s Hole. The hours of traffic backing up and future inconvenience in it becoming a National Landmark is a small price to pay for a new monument. 

The People’s Hole will be on display for tomorrow with such improvements:
-A Yellow line painted around it
-An portrait of Kamla in it, facing upwards to the sky.

Further proposals are being considered such as 
-Closing off the West Bound section of the highway permanently to preserve the sanctity of this memorial metaphor of a new age of Governance in TnT. 
-A Public Holiday in which we can gather around the Hole in celebration of a massive additional fireworks display (with the nation picking up the bill to show our support at the command of our great leaders). 

Have no fear about the expected increase in traffic as the PM ensures us that Cabinet members will still have their Blue ‘police’ lights, security escorts to part way, and full access to the bus route, so as not to inconvenience them. The PM would also like to re-assure us to not worry about the additional lack of production due to the Holiday as the Government will remain committed to not only up keeping State dependency programs such as CEPEP and various forms of ‘favour wuk’ but expanding them again (as usual). 

The Ministry of Dotishness and Wajang Conduct has advised that people refrain form peeing in the hole as been happening all day and encourages the citizens to return to their normal behaviour of doing so on people’s walls.

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