Hoops of Strife: Slack Attack

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Monday, July 2, 2012 at 3:43pm

After the Government’s power forward National Security “All-Star” Minister makes an agreesive move and a blatant foul on the citizens, the refs response is a quick halftime show, starring the famous NBA star Shaqueille O’ Neal. The PP Globetrotters did this as part of launching the “Hoops for Life” program the government is spending $10m on a basketball promotion in the ghetto, as well as having the Magic man Shaq work some glitz and glamour obeah by handing out keys to HDC housing in Trincity. The promotion will award the wining team of a basketball competition $1m. So all is now well and good in the ghetto once more now that they have a celebrity visit, a basketball contest, and some state funds unaccounted for. Crime is no more! (This seems a little too much like a movie set up for me).
  • Social vs Financial Crime Deterrence
  • Win vs Earn
  • Sustainability
  • Crime Spike 
Social vs Financial Crime Deterrence: Sport is indeed a powerful vehicle for youths to escape crime. Lets look at cause and effect though. Sport provides more of social escape from crime than a financial one. Youths who enjoy sports many times have dreams of greatness and it leads to delusions of grandeur. The star boy on the block may have skill but has to accept that he may never make it in the big league. A solid education must be provided and promoted alongside any sport programs (even if it is sport oriented, such as sport sciences, nutrition studies, etc). This will allow a fall back, and perhaps even in the field of sports itself via coaching, consulting, commentating, etc. What sport does provide in a big way is an escape from the liming on the block and idling all day. These things are what have youths board and set them up to get into trouble. The devil does indeed find work for idle hands, in these cases the big men on the block who range from the drug lords to the petty theft fat man who cant fit through a window but wants to break into a house. To think that giving youths false hope and one team $1m will reduce crime is laughable at best and sick and manipulative at worst.
Win vs Earn: This type of program pushes the mentality that if you want something, play hard and “Win it” rather than work hard and “Earn it.” It perpetuates the -hustle quick-grab what you want-then buss it- attitude that is a large factor n crime. Why learn to be a better basketball player and be educated on it then try to coach? I could just play a tournament and win money and buss it form there. Career in sport? Nah i getting a big pay off one time without a commitment and I out. A sustainable program with something other than a direct cash payout would much more benefit these communities. Not to mention show the long term value of education over a lump sum.
Sustainability: Whats going to happen after this whole program? Everyone is just going to forget about crime and train for the next tournament (when ever that may be)? After all of the glitter fades and the courts crack up, what is going to happen? When you promote a 10-day wuk mentality, you expect to get something different in return? Push education through the program, use the $10 rather than for a contest, for building basketball courts across the country and possibly hiring coaches. Give the people real hope of a positive, productive recreational activity, not just a jump and wine basket ball competition. 
Crime Spike:  Now the dark side of this program. $1m is up for grabs. You are putting a chunk of meat in the middle of a pitbull ring and letting the dogs go at it. It is very easy to foresee that this will lead to a spike in crime once certain elements jump in. The area itself is crime ridden and run by what the previous administration called “community leader” (a.k.a.criminal gang leaders). This administration has changed the name from “Hell Yard” to “Hope Yard” so the same thing progression be expected I guess, none at all. Gang Leaders are going to be the first ones with people on the court. Sponsoring teams with gear and hiring the best players in the community. And who want to take an independent shot at the prize? Take a shot from a 9mm. Turn crime lords into basket ball team owners. Wouldnt doubt they start basketball tournaments of their own after to encourage illegal gambling. That $1m and money to follow could be re-invested into expanding drug trade and arms supply. Give them a basketball, which they will trade for gun instead of books. And crime is going to be reduced? 
At the end of the day, the purpose was so short sighted that it became painstakingly obvious that there was more thought put into to the PR opportunity than to actually using sport to alleviate crime.But its all well and good, because Shaq here ent?

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