Justice for Children: 3 strikes and they’re out!

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 7:01am

The Police and Courts alike have shown great zeal in enforcing and applying the Children Bill 2012 that we as a nation marched for. We came together and brought about real change through lobbying the Parliament to put aside petty squabbles and politics and forced them via peaceful (but powerful) social action. The Justice for Children’s March 2012 was a flagship for change. Coming with some hard hits, the 3 first to fall and and example being set:
Receiving a mixed response from the public, a woman (age 29) was sentenced to 3 years in prison for inflicting 3rd degree burns on her daughter’s arm with a hot tawah. The child has been treated medically at Mt. Hope, and is in the custody of her father. This is a hard lesson and the absence of the mother would obviously take a toll on the child, but it is an example set and a bigger message being sent to parents who maim their children. This is a trend that will hopefully be broken (as there have been numerous reports of this including a child nearly loosing his arm last year), by this magistrate showing that the courts are going to enforce the law to the maximum extent. 
Another mother (age 50) was charged $5000 and sentenced to 6 years in jail after it was revealed in the courts for beating her 9 year old daughter after the child had told her she was raped. No police report was made and the mother was deemed to be negligent in the child’s care. Needless to say, the child received no medical care up until the police intervened. The child received no medical care and furthermore was beaten when she come out about it? This is encouraging the sick men who do this to continue, and victimized children to shut up, as well as putting them at a medical risk. Negligence at its highest level, and the courts, armed with legislation and a fire to uphold justice are making these parents who add to the problem take note of what will happen when they support crimes against their own children. 
And the latest: A woman who frequently leaves her 3 young children at home at night with no adult supervision was reported to police by angry residents who complained that the children were left alone and spent the night crying. Police came to investigate, finding the children left home alone as usual. Complaining about being hungry, the officers provided them with food, and they were then taken for medical checks at the Health Center (all in good general health) and placed in the Central Children’s home while they arrested the mother when they did not believe her claims that she left them home alone to go buy diapers. She was deemed to be a willfully negligent parent, put on $10 000 bond and will appear in the court Aug 14th for sentencing. Glad they found the children before something worse happened. Leaving children home alone at those young ages are putting them in harms way. Crime, fire, falling down a stairs, anything like that can happen. I’d rather see a few mothers like this held liable than a child’s body on the front page (or 12th page the way the papers are going now). 
Good Policing, effective Court advancement of law, now DAT is performance!

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