My 50th Independence Message: 50 Years Met at Half Mass:

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

50th Independence: I Fly My Flag at Half Mast Today

We live in a time of Flair over Substance. A time where Soca’s Bend Over and Wine, is more important than Calypso’s Fix the Society. A false flag hung from a flagpole being quoted as “Just a piece of cloth” by a Govt Senator, and a photoshop flag war between our Govt and Opposition Leaders, both fighting down technicalities in the use. A time where everyone flies flags on their cars but throws trash out of the same car window. A time where patriotism is seemingly measured by how much red,white and black you can purchase and what stage you can reach to parade around on. This is why I keep my Flag in my Heart and not in my background. 

I saluted the physical flag when in service, and followed the proper protocol. I accept no emblem on my country’s symbol of Independence. I am disgusted by and would prevent whenever possible seeing darkness hit our Flag. I stand at attention whenever the anthem plays in public. I bleed the blood of a Trini and the sweat and tears that hit this soil bond me with it. I live by our watchwords; Discipline, Productivity, Tolerance. I respect my fellow man and strive to serve my people in whatever why that I can, to do not what they want, but what they need. 

The murder rate has surpassed countries who are in active wars, and stays up there. Road Fatality is at an all time high. Rape and domestic abuse is a normal part of life for some people and remain a norm in certain areas. Corruption, Nepotism and the Rum n’ Roti Eat-ah-Foodism are rampant and see no end in sight. NO Accountability in office! Conditioned Alcoholism! Sexual Harassment run services! Decrepit Hospitals! Discrimination! THE BLOOD OF OUR PEOPLE FLOWING IN THE STREETS AND THEN BEING COLLECTED IN BUCKETS TO BE USED TO PAINT THE STONES AND TREES OF OUR NATION TO CONTINUE DEPENDENCY PROGRAMS KEEPING OUR CITIZENS IN MENTAL-FINANCIAL BONDAGE! This is the reality. 

We have been building physically and corroding mentally since 1962. Family morals and a deep respect for our country has been replaced with depravity and a game of “patriotic” dress up. That is why I have not partaken in any celebrations for this our 50th Independence, I treat today as a day of mourning. A day where ‘my’ Flag flies at Half Mast for the fallen, and the state of our Beautiful but abused Nation. 
-Paul-Daniel Nahous

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