People’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: Chinese Law

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Friday, July 20, 2012 at 4:16pm

Chinese Commands and Hero Stories in National Security:Protect the Chinese (and fail at it), leave we people to dead-On TV the Minister of National Security was standing next to the wife of the slain businessman telling the media that as the woman fell to the ground when they were attacked and her husband was shoot that she grasped a locket in her pocket with a picture of Jack Warner. Showing her faith in the PP Government and in the Minister himself. Really? I don’t know what is more ridiculous, the story itself or the fact that the minister didn’t realize that he is boasting on a likely fabricated story that he failed in as her husband was shoot dead. 
Want to hear bigger joke? The Generalissimo actually spoke about handling the matter in line with the law being of utmost importance. After his China style martial law way of handling the Re-Route movement, he talking about law? In anycase he has 3 civil law suits slapped on his ministry this week for the handling of that matter. 
The PM directs the Minister of National Security to deal with the issue of the Chinese safety in TnT. Why doesn’t she direct him to fix the crime situation of some TnT neighbourhoods? One Chinese immigrant is killed (which is a tragedy in itself), and the Minister is on the scene, everyday Trini bodies on the news laid out in blood but the crime not that bad? This is not an attack on chinese immigrants, stop treating it like a separate matter, and realize that it is a result of an ongoing escalation of crime in TnT. Its become a normal thing to hear down here. Bandits run in, shoot , rob, rape. This is unacceptable everywhere and to everyone in the country. The Murder rate has hit 35 in 12 days (as of a few days ago), without end in sight. We have a responsibility to protect foreign persons, but moreso to protect OUR citizens locally. As many as 5 people are being killed on a bad day and 1-2 on a good one, yet all the talks of the travesty of a chinese national being killed and the dictorial style of National Security is not only remaining but also being used as a further excuse to put on a platform a false hero. They want to bring carnival in Tobago, well go ahead ent. We will drink to the blood of Trinbagonians dying, and wine out the sorrows while we continue to take a 6 for a 9.

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