People’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: Taxism

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Friday, July 20, 2012 at 2:38pm

When you think that the taxes done, iz more taxes to come! Think this doesn’t affect you? read on before you lose your home to the Government or banksThe PP is planning to bring back the property tax that they were able to gain a large support by promising to axe. The PNM got thrown away by many in the middle class for this ridiculous and unjust tax increase. 
In some cases the taxes will be 10x the original. A homeowner who pays $600 a year in property tax may be paying around $6000 a year after this. Now $600 a year may seem low but this is more than fair because what they don’t tell you is that unlike some other countries with very high yearly property tax, we pay an exorbitant stamp duty (a type or tax when transferring a house). This is a double tax we’re getting hit with in essence. Its like paying premium for insurance, but having to pay a massive sign up fee. 
This mark of most developed (1st world) democratic countries is a large middle class. This tax will in essence reduce the middle class. The high class can afford to pay the tax, and the low class wouldn’t have much to pay. Either way on the surface this is milking already overburdened citizens and deeper part of a social control agenda. Make the middle class poor and make all of the poor poorer. We get here a classic marixist theory in place. Those in the current upper crust becoming the bourgeoisie and everyone who currently isnt in a certain economical bracket nding up as the proletariatThe governemnt isnt concerned with making us a 1st world democratic country. Why do that when we can just be considered developed (having now been taken off the list of UN countries that qualify for aid), and those in power currently being able to stay in the lap of luxuary built on our citizens sweat and nation’s blood (oil) forever?
“Why property tax? This Bill is being introduced for one reason and one reason only and that is an attempt to fill a massive hole that the Government has blown in the Treasury of Trinidad and Tobago. There is absolutely no other reason. This is a black hole created through the mismanagement, corruption, nepotism and squandermania that this Government has embarked upon in the last eight years. This is nothing more than a naked revenue-raising mechanism.”- Vasant Bharath  (Hansard 18-Dec-2009). If the date was simply changed here to “2012” it would be just as easy to believe, if not more so. However now that its “us” in power verses “them” who aren’t, hypocrisy seems to be the consistant standard.
The new Minister of Finance claims that this is to increase revenue the will fuel development. We are in the middle of a half-baked $7.5B highway plan. We have several new ministries that their Ministers don’t even know what they are for. Trips all over the world still continuing at millions a pop. TnT Ambassadorial homes in fashion magazines. O and don’t forget the new proposal to just give MPs $10m each to do with in their area what they see fit with no method or system of accountabililty being installed. They continue to take more from us all and fight down why they need it and we must shut up. New politics? Old dictatorships.

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