People’s Republic of Trinidad of Tobago: Re-Routing Democracy

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Friday, June 29, 2012 at 3:47pm

Generalissimo “Action” Jack Warner hard at work, after being appointed National Security Minister, took up the role of Commander-in-Chief, Commissioner of Police, and Supreme Fuehrer of the PP. He single handedly rallied the troops to advance and remove the forces of the rural religious women who were showing total disregard for the newly initiated great police state of TnT by not only praying, but doing so in unity as well! On top of things as always in the usual fascist manner, the AG takes to the defense against our man of the honour.. Facts? Twist dat! ? Law? Screw dat! Justice and Procedure? Kill and Stew dat!
 There were so many things that were wrong with what went on in our Security Minister’s actions. There was so much going on and so many jacks to hang (metaphorically of course).
  • Was the Minister acting within the confines of the law? 
  • What was the active commander of the military’s role? 
  • Where and when was the Commissioner of Police consulted?
  • What were the charges they were trying to lay on the leader of the Re-Route movement, Dr. Kublalsingh? 

The AG in an attempt to apparently willfully mislead the public, in the capacity of his office stated that the protesters were squatting and it was illegal. This was true, as the protesters built structures and they admitted they were in breach of law by doing so. However this is not a cut and dry matter. The precedent set  is that the ‘squatters’ are suppose to have notice of eviction from state land. The only one who can order this is a court of law, not the executive. So no notice of eviction, as there was no injunction filed. If one is in breach of law, does that make it ok for the Government to breach the law too, especially as they are the law enforcers? Well the Generalissimo has pending charges internationally for fraud and is now in charge of policy for the local fraud squad. If nothing else the hypocrisy is consistent. And also, what was the message here? Remove them by whatever means? Because surely their primary purpose there was not to squat. The short answer, the Minister moved illegally in the matter, and the AG is playing private council in the matter by trying to twist the matter in support of the Minister.
Brigadier Maharaj expressed that in sending the troops with the Minister and putting them in his charge, he was “just following orders.” Apparently our Brigadier is suffering from political dementia, which effects his eye sight and perception. His Commission Paper, authorized him as a commander of the armed forces of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago under the Commission of His Excellency the President. But like it was mentioned in a calypso that ‘coincidently’ won someone the crown, Jack is the Minister of everything. Didn’t realize however that the extended past the Separation of Powers in the President and the Courts. The Brigadier has compromised the integrity of his rank in an irreversible way. He has made an important non-bias, administrative position into a political seat of power. For this alone he should be disciplined via a forced retirement. They can just claim he reached the retirement age as there was claimed to be a typo before (65, to 60) in the manifesto as to their general (non military) retirement policy. Let the lies at least stretch across to those who filling themselves in the mess hall. Soldier are suppose to look up to and follow the example of the Officers, but we have the commander disregarding the pecking order? An example he has learnt well from the Minister I suppose. 
The Commissioner of Police who is the commander of the police force was not consulted. So His forces were used and he was not so much as informed. This shows not only the breakdown in communication but a blatant disrespect for the office of the Commissioner of Police. Does this mean that the new Minister of National Security is supreme ruler of all matters of security and break all set procedure to get his own way? This disrespects the police force as a whole and breaches the Constitution of our country yet again. The Government has been frustrated for some time that every time they attempt to throw Gibbs under the bus h rolls away in time. If he wasn’t under a contract that secures his job, the Comish would have gotten the political axe long time. Brig. Maharaj should take note here and know where the political line is in matters of commanding troops. 
To top it off, the AG claims that it was Dr. Kublalsingh that is victimizing Jack Warner. Interesting that shouting out against him while being dragged through the mud by a group of soldiers, and not having a single charge laid when taken away to the station is victimization of the Minister. The move was seen as being of a personal nature as there was no legal grounds to immediately remove Dr. Kublalsingh, and when moved there were no charges that they could lay. Claims from the AG were that Kublalsingh yelled prejudice remarks, profanities, and even slapped a soldier. The thought of a 100lbs man posing a threat and furthermore slapping a big army soldier is laughable at best. That was not shown in any video or picture, but the personnel roughing him up was. Also, if he was behaving in this manner, then why were no charges laid? No charges were laid because there were no charges to lay. No court would support the Minister’s disregard for the laws of the land, so to bring him before the courts would be a waste of time. 
The Minister’s job is to create policy and steer the Ministry in the direction the he believes best. It is in no way in the capacity of the Minister to call up the station and the base and tell them to send troops with him. Then he goes further by commanding their actions directly. This is unconstitutional. The lines are not even blurred, there is a clear separation of powers and the PM as well as the Minister of National Security are both well aware of them. I guess new politics is not only old poli-tricks, but also fast becoming imminent dictatorship.
  1. Ronald Bhola says:

    Two worlds are colliding in Trinidad. One of environmental ethics/earth democracy on the one hand and autocracy on the other.

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