Policing Policy: Information Road Block

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 9:46pm

In keeping with all of the road blocks that have been set up in the least efficient manner possible, there has been a road block set up now on information. As of this week we as citizens have been banned from accessing serious crime statistics which use to be available to the public on the TTPS web site.  It is very alarming that now with crime being out of hand and only getting worse that we are no longer allowed to see exactly how bad things are getting. 

This comes on the heels of the failings of the Minister of National Security and the Government on the whole to curb the crime, and lack of any sustainable anti-crime initiatives. The National Security Minister announced just last month that “Serious Crime is down” although admitting that homicide was up. The day after this announcement however the media used the information available to the public (compiled by the TTPS) that not only is homicide up, but rape as well. This begs the question, does this administration not consider murder and rape both serious crimes? Either this or it is a case of a plain out lie to mislead the public. Then again these were the same people who claimed former head of the SSA had 6 years experience one day, and 9 the other. Also a doctorate which never existed. And despite claiming not to know her, old pictures of Government Ministers and her appearing on social media. But I digress. 

The response to this loss of public trust, and lack of ideas outside of deploying soldier mindlessly to rough up many law abiding citizens (as they are trained as soldiers and not law enforcement officers) has led to the only logical response in the minds of the administration, I.e block us from the truth.  Not only is this wrong politically, morally, socially, and all kind of other “allys” but could be legally as well as according to the Freedom of Information Act Ch 22:02, section 8 (k) a body corporate or unincorporated entity—(i) in relation to any function which itexercises on behalf of the State;(ii) which is established by virtue of thePresident’s prerogative, by a Minister ofGovernment in his capacity as such or byanother public authority; or(iii) which is supported, directly orindirectly, by Government funds andover which Government.We are entitled to this information and it has become a norm for journalists now to access this information online, but I guess not anymore. At best this could be a tactic to frustrate the public into not seeking the info (if we are still allowed to access it in writing).

Now we as citizens will just have to take the Ministers word for it. Up to this point it has been drenched in half truths, political misdirection, and boldface lies. In the midst’s of the public’s trust for the Ministry’s handling of police matters via press release being at an all time low, we are expected just to stay quiet and take what they have to tell us as truth? This is nothing resembling a democracy. What is alarming as well is the attempt to sneak this up on us. No announcement was made that they would be locking this feature off from the TTPS website, and no comment was made on it further.

Since ancient times, knowledge has been power. The way tyrants and those in positions of power have maintained power has been to hold knowledge from the people and manipulate whatever the let be filtered down. This is usually done to the point where the information becomes so corrupt and twisted that it paints the exact picture of the persons/bodies in charge that they want the public to see. We are not living in the days of ancient Rome, we are not in N. Korea, we are supposed to be a free country. We need to stand up to our right for knowledge and access to it. If we don’t, our history can be recorded through the bias lens and going to far down this path, we will lose our nation forever.

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