Policing Policy: Martial Law Fete

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 4:55am

Heads up to those still awake. Its that time of year again, actually early! That’s right, Martial Law Season! From the producers of the SoE 2011, prepare to have your civil rights violated once more as the PM has ordered the army to take to the streets with police to ‘hunt down killers.’ Which translates to us getting rough up by military men who not only are not trained to handle citizens in a policing capacity, but seem to barely understand the concept of civil liberties as they train and function under military law. But dont study all of that, time again for Martial Law fete 2012! (Since however we are not under SoE conditions, its free entry for anyone who bring their lawyers). 

In short, this is another tactic by the government to appear that it is hard on crime while not accomplishing anything positive in the long run. Launching military forces to assist police addresses a minor problem and only one aspect of it, and is a temporary (possibly harmful even) measure. The main problems we face is not a lack of numbers, but a lack of good and efficient policing. Unfortunately governments here have realized that good policing makes the police force look good rather than them directly. They want th officers to do the dog work, and they get all the credit, whether or not the plans are working. With the current administration this is taken a step further where things seem to be done with the knowledge that the intiatives will be ineffective but look like a firm attempt on their part.


An efficient crime plan starts with what the DPP has been practically begging for, that the police work more closely with his prosecutors to assure that the police don’t just hold criminals and allow them to be acquitted of their charges. Regular patrol routes 24/7 should be implemented, with a greater emphasis at night. Breathalyzers need to be given to every squad car and every member of the police force be trained to use them, rather than the current 1 breathalyzer per station and one officer per station being trained to use them policy. On the socio-political end, the old ideas of solely shaving off the flesh to halt the rot has failed us because much of it is from internal decay. We have to realize that the majority of crime is not just a man ups and decides that he wants to commit crime and does it. The mind of a career criminal is something that is breed and groomed, usually from young. We need to target the youths to prevent them from growing up with a criminal mind set and start putting real rehabilitative measures to pull back those who have already strayed.  
 All of this is nothing new, spectacular or flashy, it’s simple measures to solve seemingly complex problems. 

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