Political All-Fours

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 2:44am

 In the latest round of political all fours being played, Kamla takes a while to shuffle the pack (making the announcement later than she claimed she would). This made us wonder if she needed the extra time to set the pack, or if the usual pre-game drink of rum was having an effect on her. Well I don’t think there is much to wonder about now. Ever try to shuffle a pack drunk? Well the deck done set and this is the result of who get move where:
  • Jack Warner- Minister of National SecurityThis one is a big trade off. We have here a man who is settled in his office at 4:30am, outworking ANY other minister or MP in the current Government (not to mention Parliament as a whole). Now at the same time, as Minister of National Security he will be incharge of the Fraud Squad. A man who is being investigated on multiple international fraud issues, and is involved in more (and the biggest) FIFA scandals than has ever before been seen in the organization. Could be what we need for crime, but at the same time what his friends involved in fraud need as well 
  • Collin Partap – Minister in Ministry of National Security- The man who wants to blame the men on the ground for not doing their work but at the same time doesn’t hold up his responsibility to them. Give them nothing to work with and then getting on with them for not being able to do the work. Just the type of man we want to help oversee our police and armed forces ent? 
  • Chandresh Sharma –Minister of Transport– So they are planning to eventually make all bus drivers Indian now or something? 
  • Dr. Suruj Rambachan – Minister of Local Government- so they want a man to keep the local government ministers in line now, i.e. support the government while we give you all nothing, o and eat ah roti or else. Emmanuel George – Minister of Works and Infrastructure O the irony in placing a person who doesn’t seem to work in the ministry of Works. 
  • Stephen Cadiz – Minister of Tourism– Not such a bad idea. Not too bright, does nothing for his constituency or Trade but talk (and nonsense at that). Let’s hope him as tourism minister would at least break the perception that its only black bush people living here. He may not be able to accomplish much more than that though. 
  • Jamal Mohammed- Ministry of Information– Well we don’t have information circulating anymore, just propaganda and manipluated statistics. That being said, he may be an effective minister of propaganda. 
  • Vernella Alleyne Toppin – Minister in Ministry of People and Social Development– Wait, so Capt. Strike-a-Pose not there again? Don’t mind this ministry didn’t make sense in the first place. If we have a ministry of the people, does that not imply that the other ministries are NOT for the people? This ministry is expected to do the same it did before; Give out hampers, and take pictures of them giving out hampers. 
  • Marlene Coudray – Minister of Child Development and Gender– The biggest political backstab of this administration internally, awarded with a ministerial post. Guess that’s how they operate in general. The poster-child for female African heritage, replaced with a lesser and more controllable one. Guess they preferred a shackled African to one who was free.
  • Winston Dookeran – Minister of Foreign Affairs Dooks is a nice guy, which is probably why he had no place in politics. His lack of zest is an issue but he may do well here (possibly due to his peaceful nature). Let him handle diplomats, he couldn’t handle the economy (surprisingly as he is a good economist).
  • Larry Howai – Minister of Finance- First thoughtLarry who? A big bank man as minister here. May not be such a bad pick. He knows his work, but I wonder who in government he knows?
  • Delmond Baker – Minister of Tobago Development Doesn’t really matter, (like most of Tobago’s issues) to the government, other than the fact that Tobago holds 2 seats. Only now the Government figures that the leader of the Tobago Organization of the People should get the post seeing as he is from Tobago, was elected in Tobago, and leaders the Tobago party? 
  • Winston Gypsy Peters – Minister of Community Development– Gypsy was doing so good for culture, until he spent too long out of calypso and too long in politics. Im not sure what community the old kaiso king can now develop outside of the Kaiso House, now that he is full time in the Waterfront Talk Tent 
  • Devant Maharaj – Minister of Food Production After a prostitution delivery ring was uncovered in his ministry that was never commented on after he claimed to look into it, and no change in hap-hazard public transport system, they put him in food production. I hope everyone in TnT got well accustom to apples and pears.
  • Dr. Lincoln Douglas – Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism– Dr. Douglas can show up to events and show respect, which is important in this ministry. He can also talk plenty and shy from the issues that need to be addressed at every turn. With all the talk, best he goes to sing calypso.
  •  Nela Khan – Deputy House Speaker- Like having a House Speaker on their side wasn’t enough alone. They want the deputy speaker in their pocket too. Note: The convention(non-legal and accepted custom) in the UK is to have an opposition supported speaker so that the house doesn’t fall into bias to the Government side of the bench. A fair trade to hold some balance of order. But we in TnT! If we can’t be shameless with our bias, then it wouldn’t have our local brand pepper sauce on it.
  • Ganga Singh  Minister of Environment and Water Resources A new ministry here. He boasts about “laying pipe” all over. He continued to make jokes about that in a perverted sense following the announcement (which the PM endorsed and added to. He not wrong, the idea of laying pipe in any sense under his administration is a joke. 
  • Nizam Baksh – Ministry of Public Utilities Not much I can say about him. Not much bad. Unfortunately not much good either. 
  • Vasant Bharath – Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment– Serious shortcomings in agriculture when he was minister there. As usual government policy, the farmers have to catch plenty tail, and nothing being done on nearly a large enough scale. To top it off, the food vendors had trouble getting help from him through their association. He made some steps to help out, but could have done more. Not an entirely bad candidate, he was called a thief, but he’s a much lesser one than some of them there. He may have done not too bad in Ministry of Finance. Either way, let’s hope that agriculture just wasn’t his knack and that this was more up his ally. 
  • Dr. Rupert Griffith – Minister in the Ministry of Tertiary Education- Well yes, Griffith in Ministry of T. Education. He couldn’t educate the tourism sector, and now they put him in charge of T. Education? If you think a university degree doesn’t mean much now, hold on to it still. By time he’s done it should make an effective coaster.
  • Clifton de Coteau– Ministers of National Diversity and Social Integration. A man who despite a long history in education, sat by an watched his collegues doing mess with the Ministry of Education, put in the ministry to integrate races? Maybe he’s jus dark enough for the government not to be accused of leaning heavily towards one race in education, as the schools introduced dance as SEA examinable. O and low and behold, the dance the students are going to have to learn come September is an Indian dance. A racial trade off?
  • Embau Mohini–JR National Diversity and Social Integration Minister– Assisting in the ministry of racial stereotyping and ghetto integration is an Njac member. More racial trade off here, as well as mama guying the Njac into feeling that they are considered in the PP. African wear and pro-black power pick= we not an Indian dominant party, ent?
From the looks of it we got dealt a bad hand as a nation, as usual. Let’s hope that there is some change in performance overal, but what can we really expect when the deck is full of a set of jokers?

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