Political Ring: Illegal Sports?

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 10:46pm
Some more political boxing going on here. The Minister of Legal Affairs Prakash Ramadhar in one corner squaring off against the Minister of Sport Anil Roberts in the other. Both in the COP ring, dawning the COP jersey (don’t mind that the sports minister has been seen in UNC sponsored gear not too long ago). No referee seems to be present so the COP executive is appearing to be trying to make up some rules as they go along. An inevitable fight that the Coudray COP mayorship (now officially the UNC mayorship) brought about. “Peace talks” taking place (we reached 4 already) between the UNC and the COP. Enough talking has been down so far to solve the conflicts in the middle east. It looks like at this point the rope-a-dope strategy is being employed, but it seems that the COP membership is collectively being taken as the dope.
First, the inter-party issues. The “Nationalist” slate of the UNC during their internal elections was well known to the executive of that party. Candidates had to be screened, yet no one informed the COP leadership of the defection? Worse yet she was accepted with open arms and further voted in as deputy leader pure as a matter of whose slate she was on. Nothing illegal here but very unethical based on the agreement made in the PP. The Fyzabad Accord that is being stressed on was nothing more than a promise amongst politicians. Why is it then such a surprise when something underhanded took place? While it is debatable whether or not she was “poached” from the COP, the fact stands that it was an unethical move on her part for moving, and on the UNC’s part for accepting her, not because of her personally at all, but because they accepted the Mayorship of San Fernando which broke the agreement. The PM now can easily cop out by stating that she cannot legally remove Coudray, she would have to step down on her own accord. With the agreement being broken, and constant talks which are appearing to be little more than the party leaders going for tea and brunch, were is the strong hand that is needed to truly lead a party? The PP is becoming a sinking ship being patched with corruption and deception due to executive interest, over party interests, over national interest.
Now the main event. Anil Roberts was correct when he said that the law of the land states that the Prime Minister cannot remove a mayor without just cause, and switching parties is certainly not just cause. No agreement between parties can ever superse the law. Roberts is well know for a level of “wajang” behavior inside and outside of Parliament. Perhaps the way we approached discussion of the issue with Ramadhar was out of line. Lacking the decorum of his position, his words and antics can easily be seen as an attack. The COP executive however should be focusing on the message and not the delivery, Ramadhar is an experienced attorney, he knows about adding flair to push a point. The point being, allya get catch, stop teifin up the public’s head! Don’t fool the people into thinking that the Fyzabad Accord was some set in stone proclamation of conduct. The response? Seek to remove Roberts. Is this because of how he got/gets on? Or is it because he is seeking to question the leadership of the party? An early response from the executive was to look into removing him from the party. This totally undermines the democracy and integrity of the party. The notion of this alone (whether pursued or not) is enough to bring the leadership of the COP into question. If Roberts is continuously stepping out of line, then the bylaws of the party must be enforced, but in no way does it allow or should he be booted out of the party. He is a COP MP and a Minister from the party, if he is to fall out of the ring, let him fall out, to punch him out of it is against the rules. 

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