PP Love Affair: Child Abuse

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 2:32am

On the issue of last week’s emergency cabinet meeting, things got “fiery” as Uncle Jack and Tanty Kamla put the perverbial belt to the little COP’s leader Prakash, with their little adopted child the MSJ’s leader Errol waiting outside with his ear to the door to get his licking as well. Bellow in quotes are some sections from the TT Mirror’s articles with my little analysis of what’s really going on, and a link to the report at the end for reference. 
 1. “The prime minister said she is always available to meet with the leaders of the other coalition partners in the People’s Partnership, but they choose to run to the media to make controversial statements, a source said.” – In other words, come to me so I can order you what to do then we can sweep it under the rug. Dont let the citizens know whats going on.
2.“Reports are Persad-Bissessar inquired from Ramadhar whether he wants the PNM to come back into office.”- Still running this country on a voter fueled party feud to benefit ‘us’ and not ‘them’.  3.”Warner had criticised the COP leader for saying he should step down amidst allegations of bribery for FIFA presidential votes, noting that he had cleared the air on the allegations with the other coalition leaders.“- In the face of a massive FIFA scandal which resulted in his resignation, trying to shove dirty secrets which were already known to the public behind closed doors and a call for the Works Minister to do the conventionally honourable thing is apparently seen as a no no in the eyes of this cabinet.
4.“The PM told Ramadhar he must control his supporters, who had given him a mandate not to accept a compromise in the Coudray matter when the COP national council met in Chaguanas on Sunday.” –So the policy as usual, let corrupt and self seeking leadership stand above the will of the party members and interest of the country.
5.“One insider said that Ramadhar did not say a word and remained quiet when he got the “blow out” from Warner for about 20 minutes. When his turn came to speak he became defensive and said he had been misquoted by the media on several occasions“- The Leader of a political party which controls seats in parliament cowering in this manner? Shows lack of confidence in self, lack of faith in his party to hold on to the seats, and a fear of the bigger party. The leadership is suppose to represent the party, the COP members should be ashamed at appearing so sad.
6.”Another source said that the Prime Minister told Sports Minister Anil Roberts and Ramadhar to bury the hatchet and stop the “war of words” between them in public.”- Wait wait wait, the PM playing mommy here? And worse yet they taking the orders like obedient children? Since when did UNC assume the role of a parent party to COP?
7.“The MSJ leader waited until after 1 am to go inside to meet with the PP ministers.
The Works Minister has taken Abdulah to task for his support of the Mon Desir residents, who are protesting the Point Fortin Highway project. They want the highway, which is passing through their lands, to be rerouted. But in a statement on May 1st, the MSJ said that the “Fyzabad Declaration provides for each party to maintain its independent identity.” – So we see again that the Fyzabad Declaration/Accord/Agreement(whatever they want to call it) means nothing, and the ‘joint leadership’ being really a hiracy of leadership.
-The long and short of this, the UNC leadership has asserted their dominance over the lesser PP parties, and they are putting their tails between their legs and bowing. The Fyzabad Accord is being followed only where and when it benefits the party in charge. COP being silenced when they begin to rate up and take a stance that they should have taken in the first place, the MSJ waiting on the outskirts in a neat line for their left over verbal blow outs, TOP taking up the traditional background role that Tobago always ends up in, and NJAC well…anyone even heard of them in the last year? 
‘New politics’ is appearing to be a more complex way to uphold old politics. Abuse of centralized power at the top, and buying out voters with candy handouts when they swell with suffering and disappointment. 

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