PP Love Affair: Our Country Getting Horn

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Monday, April 30, 2012 at 7:33pm
The COP’s leadership has decided that they will take an independent stance in the Parliament in terms of policy debate. While still being under the umbrella of the PP. While some see this as a show of testicular fortitude and independence in line with the interests of the party, when analyzed further there may be more than meets the eye. 
The Formation of the PP-The ‘People’s Partnership’ (PP) was formed under the Fyzabad Accord, and agreement made in a secretive meeting between leaders of the UNC and COP at the time. In this meeting it was decided that they would take a united stance to remove the PNM Manning administration from power in the May 24th 2010 elections. There they decided which party would run for which seats in order to avoid a split in votes and furthermore pool their voters together. This was a resounding success due to the perceived integrity of their candidates being pitted against the culled herd of Manning-ites opposing. The PNM fell hard with only a maxi load of seats won. All was well and good and the country rejoiced in the usual fashion of jump up, drink, eat, and leave the rest to God and those in power. 
Where the PP Fulfilled then Failed-First of all the PP was formed for the purpose of removing former PM Patrick Manning. In that sense it fulfilled its purpose. Unfortunately the PP did not see past the May 24th election. Rather than maintaining party independence, the weaker parties fell in line with the will of the UNC. Under a UNC PM and a UNC majority in Parliament, they hold the power of Government and simply share what they wish. Up to now, it’s as if they still don’t see past the May 24th election. The COP encouraged its members to rally with UNC. They had them waving flags with them in Rienzi and other places where they could just be absorbed into the UNC under the guise of unity. This was branded as their policy of ‘New Politics,’ which has proven to be even more nepotistic than ever before. 
The Farce of the PP-Among the PP supporters there is a fairytale which they were told less than 2yrs ago and are being reminded of from time to time. The tales explains that if they don’t stay as the PP and remaining in power with the full unquestioned support of the public and something should happen that the evil monster Manning and his wicked PNM minions will come in the night and snatch our poor unsuspecting country up out of its bed and things will be worse than ever (sounds similar to Animal Farm in my books). The PNM is not dead (the revival after the supposedly crippling wound of the 1986 general election supports this notion). They are however critically wounded and there is an opportunity for other parties to further dig into them, and form a more independent element in the system and a much stronger opposition. Unfortunately the sharks that can smell the blood in the water are too buzy being feed fish food by their ‘partners’ to bother.
 Where the COP Dropped the Ball-The COP’s leadership is weak and has appeared to be neutered at these times. In the face of an unprecedented level of favoritism and nepotism, and abuse of power the COP’s response was to show more support for the PP and wave more flags, in hopes that their false confidence and the cheers of the unwashed masses would drown out all good sense and reason (especially when combined with the UNC‘s fanatic supporters). To an extent this worked, but frustrated many (especially reasonable COP supporters) who not only saw past this façade but also saw it as an opportunity to break away from an abusive Bi-Party system and show the integrity of the party through standing up to corruption in a Government that they are a part of building. Sadly, the ball was dropped and bounced off of the faces of the citizens to protect post and position.
No Confidence, but in the COP?-(Motion Overview – https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150634979294927   )When the motion of no confidence in the PM was brought up in parliament, it seemed that the Government side of the bench was not quite sure what was meant. It was mistaken that this was a no confidence motion in the Government but early in the debate this was clarified that it was a no confidence motion raised against the Prime Minister. During the COP MP’s contribution they expressed full confidence in the PM of the country and praised her work. Did I miss something here? Since when is a member of a separate party not only abiding by the doctrine of collective ministerial responsibility for another party but also expressing it in Parliament. When the MSJ MP made his contribution he fell in line as well, although his own party was outraged and by the next day gave him and the PP Government an ultimatum. This was a matter brought up by the Opposition against the PM. The PNM bench vs. the PM and her UNC bench. Where does the COP have any business in this? The respectable thing to do would have been to stay out of it, avoid the crossfire by not getting in between and maintain integrity and independence by staying neutral. Jumping on the UNC train and waving with them in this instance showed that the COP’s leadership is loyal to their ‘Boss’ rather than to their country and supporters.
The COP Temper Tantrum- Of all the reasons that the COP had to take an independent stance in matters of governance, they choose the Sando-Mayorship issue (Second paragraph- https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150720325234927 ) . The COP needed the Sando Mayorship in order to secure development of the constituency and the city (having a COP MP as well they will be on the same page on policy). Now that that has changed, all plans for there mash up. Not only has a bid for power over the City of San Fernando become the reason for discord here, but it has led to little more than a temper tantrum for the COP leadership. The COP has finally decided to take an independent stance on matters of policy (although remaining a part of the PP). Finally! Long Overdue! Even if it is for this reason, it was something that should have been established and practiced from May 25th 2010. But that is not the end of it. He has announced that this will continue only until Coudray is removed as mayor. Yes that is correct, he is pledging once again uninhibited support for the UNC in Parliament once this issue is resolved. So give them what they (the leadership) want, a mayoral post back or we will debate on reason and form our own opinions on matters. This is what it can be summed up to. 
What is supposedly in no mans land can go one of 3 ways- The demise of the PP and the default admitting of “New Politics” being a lie or failed notion at best. The COP settling down by either side giving in and returning to the same corrupt state of affairs. Or not a damn thing changing and our nation suffering in the same mess. 
In the end, we still cant say at this time if the COP will become the truly independent party that it was at its birth and raising, or if it will just be reabsorbed back into the UNC and doom us to repeat the last few decades of politics that is a cancer slowly eating away our country, being kept alive by an IV of Oil in one arm and our Tax Dollars in the other.

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