PP Love Affair: Working Things Out (of The House)

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Friday, July 6, 2012 at 3:12am

More bacchanal in the political marriage from hell. Well the MSJ found that the PP’s residence at St.Anns was a little too cramped (and mad to boot). Errol McLoud however got rather accustom to the lix in order to “eat ah food.” The COP stayed in a corner giggling with glee because now they were not the ones to stand up to Papa PP and Momma Majesty. What followed? Abdullah and his boys handing in their credit cards and saying they’ll make it on their own. A brave move which cost the PP their hard laboring child but the response from the PP?  “Well we didn’t want to have allya anyway, so there!”
The David Abdullah led MSJ made the move that the COP was suppose to make, and had every opportunity to. They said “NO MORE.” A quick flashback to what started all of this. Errol Mc Leod stood up in Parliament during the motion of no confidence brought up against the PM and professed not only what she had supposedly done for the trade unions, but also the love and admiration that the labourers had for her. Well speaking on behalf of the trade unions as the Labour Minister and a big shot in the MSJ, he should have checked himself and stayed quiet instead. Failed negotiations and a well timed SoE which curtailed their right to protest/march left their relationship on a slippery slope. The Labour Minister in doing this in essence jump kicked them straight down. The day following this, the MSJ made a decision and listed their concerns, giving the government the ultimatum, settle by a certain date or they walking. The date came, the UNC/COP cabal did nothing, and guess what happened? No they weren’t offered foreign ambassador positions, and on top of that, they WALKED! Abdulla resigned as a Senator, and his people gave up their state board positions. Political Balls? Dat is Balls!
Errol Mc Leod however didn’t share their views. With all of his perks and big salary why would he? This once labour hero became a sell out, staying not to help the labourers but rather to sit pretty in power. What was expected was plenty of political hug ups for the outside child. Instead, the PM and her clown car of ministers went on a rant about how Mc Leod only won his seat because he was on a UNC party ticket. Mc Leod smiled at the licks not feeling it because his belly was so full from eating ah food (in his case left over lobster and caviar). On top of all of that, when the MSJ made a decision collectively to abstain from the 2nd Annual PP Fete, McLoud could be seen with political ‘bad ting’ Prakash wining to the ground. The end result, his whole party rides out and stands for what they believe in, and he stays in the clown car for a ride in A/C. A man once for the people, bought off by “the people’s government.”
After the move, despite claiming many times in the past that the MSJ and their unions were very important to the PP and an essential head of the Government, the PP swung around 180degrees and stated that they were always better off without them. So it’s either that they were lying, or they were mamaguying the MSJ for union support. Perhaps it was both. To add insult to injury, the PM promptly fills the empty Senator post with The NUGFW’s Lambert (yes that is an actual party). The message the PM has delivered here? One token  labour Negro can be exchanged for another. (Senator Lambert action figures available, now with shacked  non-action)! Men standing on principal out, so that the PP can afford to adopt some more obedient children to run along and play with the TOP and NJAC (yes they are still around for some reason).
It is of my opinion that Abdullah should not have given up his Senate position and state board appointments, as this Government wouldn’t listen to anyone not holding a post. Hell they rarely listen to those that do hold one anyway. But I guess overall they realized that a strong statement had to be made and rather than pull a COP and talk with one breath and “eat ah food” with every other one, the MSJ took action. Talk is cheap, but giving up that power is expensive. However respect and testicular fortitude of that magnitude cannot be bought. The MSJ has left the madhouse and now been locked out of the PP family’s summer homes, but is welcomed back as one of the people by the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. 

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