Race to Politics: CDA White Out

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 9:06pm

COP members of Caucasian decent have been placed on the board of the Chaguaramas Developmental Authority (CDA). Following this we have seen the approval of one of the said board member’s daughter’s fete among the flora and fauna taking place to the likely detriment of the environment. Also they are seeking funding to establish 1. Zip Line and Canopy Walk, 2. Motocross Facility, 3. Paintball Facility. This seems to be the trend in major development mandated by the CDA.
Fete-ting:We all like to fete (most of us anyway), but due to the over saturation of parties during feting season, promoters are always looking for a gimmick to set their’s apart from the rest. The idea of having a fete in a national park with the ambiance of nature, with flashing lights, music, drinks flowing, sounds like a really good time. For us Humans it is. For the animals in the area it is an unnatural occurrence which could drive them away and have effects on the overall behaviour of the wildlife in the area which we cannot foresee. The CDA in keeping with their duty to preserve the environment and maintain the delicate balance there should never have approved anything like this. There are designated fete venues which are privately owned and too far away and self contained to cause any environmental damage. So how was the flora and fauna rich area’s approved? The daughter of the COP candidate for Deigo Martin West, Rocky Garcia (now on the board of the CDA), was the hosting the fete. A clear cut case of corruption in the CDA, and against a purpose of the organization. But we in the land of carnival ent? Forget about environment, right and wrong, and wine to the ground. 
Future Development Plans:I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a Motocross facility and Paintball facility in Chaguaramus (especially as I use to play myself). But lets put things into perspective here. There is a lot that needs to be done in terms of stabilizing the environment and setting up proper parks/wildlife preservation initiatives. Yet these things are taking priority? It is no secret that there is a large popularity in these activities in Trinidad among white adolescence. The real development issues are being ignored to facilitate the interest of a select group. New politics? Try 1960s politics. On a contradicting legal note, Paintball guns have been outlawed in Trinidad and Tobago. The first step in getting paintball set back up here is not to ask for donations for a facility, but to lobby the Government for regulation (legalization) of Paintball. 
The trend of the COP continues to lean towards perpetuating the race politics that has plagued Trinidad and Tobago since our Independence. When someone gets into a position and begins to act in the interest of his family and friends and of a particular race, that errodes any bricks that have been laid to eventually bring us together under one roof. This division has been a major factor in keeping us from uniting as one people, under one flag.  

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