Road Rage: 5 Down, 1 Society to go

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 at 6:43am

The man who killed 5 persons liming outside of a bar in last weeks tragic car accident appeared in the magistrate court and was released on bail today set at $160,000 (25,000 for each charge of Death Caused by Dangerous Driving and a further 35,000 for driving while drunk, having failed the breathalyzer test at the time of the incident). The matter is being pushed forward quickly as the accused is to appear in court on July 21st. It is appearing at this time as a cut and dry matter. Witnesses have come forward recalling the horror of what they saw and all that is needed to put him away now is more or less their testimony, as well as the police report on the breathalyzer test, the results of which have already been established.
Its time for all of us to be more responsible on the roads. Drinking and driving is not something to take lightly. Its all fun and games until someone gets maimed or killed. Nothing is more direct and gruesome as a car accident, and many time it is the innocent who pay the ultimate price. Many youths have made writing off their vehicles a norm and carry it even further than casual talk of how many they did by boasting about it. Mommy and Daddy may have the money to buy you a new car and pay off police, but they cant buy new body part/organs, mental security, or life.
This trend has become disturbing and already faced with severe lack of proper police coordinated efforts we are at the mercy of the reckless as well as our own ignorance. The onus is on us as a society to enforce among ourselves what is right. Become your brother’s keeper. Make sure you and your friends are sober before going home, take your friends car keys if they are. Start realizing that we are not immortal and how fragile life is before we have to learn the hard way, when it is too late.

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