Rocky VII: Garcia vs Environment

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 6:52pm

Plot: Rocky Garboa after months of hard training building his cardio around Deigo, fails to beat Apallo Rowley is an upsetting defeat which left many of us saddened. He returns however not to fight but to coach (sort of). He trains his daughter to take on the environment of Chaguaramas, and steps in the locker room to give the old one-two punch to his family’s opponent before the match even starts so that the tail of the tape could only play out one way.  CDA Chairman Rocky Garcia claims that he didnt know about his daughter applying for the fete. Furthermore didn’t see noise pollution as any issue as “Who you polluting, out in the wilderness?” he asked. “You not disturbing neighbours.” Claiming those against the fete had a political agenda.
This statement proves again, that he is either lying through his teeth and grossly bias, or is totally and completely incompetent in his position. How wouldnt you know your daughter throwing a fete? Especially one that has caused much controversy and attracted negative feedback from members of the public outside of their social group. Rocky’s own brother acknowledged what was going on (and was against it). Lack of parental involvement aside, how as the vice-chairman of the CDA wouldnt you know what is being applied for for approval? Especially with a fete of that magnitude. Smiling and lying, a good tactic in the old days of politics where you could hide information easily, especially as people are more socially and environmentally aware. Rocky better change his coach, Mickey Goldmill just not cutting it anymore.
Lets say he really didnt know (and wasnt aware that his wife called a social activist days before the event to cuss him up for “interfering in the family’s business). We want a man that clueless on the CDA? Making such an insensitive statement towards the environmental? He half right in his insensitive idiotic statement though. We have no neighbours in the bush, because the animals there are not our neighbours, that’s their home and we invade to palance all over their garden. How far does the extent of favour appointments go in this sense? Also, yes the magistrate court did grant a liquor license, but the CDA is on the ground and it is their responsibility to handle the environmental part in terms of approving or blocking these ventures that aren’t eco-friendly. After all, that is in the broader scope of their vision plan, mission statement, etc. Well who care about all that when a man get appointed and have money to make, wine and show we is more animal than the howler monkeys ent? Rambo style feteing going on here!
What this sums up to as usual is a great injustice being done to our environment and abuse of administrative power. If you in our racial group and social class however its okay, is the message that is being sent here. A slap dash statement claiming ignorance and sounding generally unconcerned is enough to keep your job and a polite way of saying “well what allya go do meh anyway eh?”New Politics, just change the race like its a carnival band jersey and wine to the ground in the same fashion as before. 

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