State of Emergency in a State of Emergency

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

First of all the reason(s) for calling the SoE seem to change as often as the costumes worn in parliament. The provisions of the constitution were stretched to legalize this action in the first place. The calling of the SoE seems to be a political move rather that a tactical one. The PM announcing it, especially before the order was sighed is an insult to the President of our nation. The PM breached convention and spoke out of turn. Not to mention that the CoP(commissioner of police) was not only not consulted, but not informed when the order was given. On a side note, if the Police Service Commission is suppose to be an independent body, then how is it that the PM reffed to the appointed Acting CoP as the Acting Cop, before he was appointed 24hrs following? Is it therefore not safe to assume that the integrity of the Police Service Commission has be compromised? But i digress.
Now on to the provisions of the emergency regulations. Do the provisions extend only as far as the designated “hot spots”? Are our rights suspended during only curfew hrs? Are all of our rights suspended? What is our legal recourse from executive abuse? Can we be in our yard after curfew hrs? What the hell is really going on? It seems that the provisions were put together slap dash without any real purpose behind them (or any that was thought out anyway), and they are being figured out as they go along. Legal experts were forced to engage in furious study and debate on these matters and rush to inform their, clients, colleges, and the general public as they came to some sort of conclusion. The government doesn’t seem to be concerned with informing the public of what is going on and what rights we are entitled to. Again showing a lack of transparency in their action, and if we do not have transparency, then do we really have a democracy? 
The SoE being announced early gave the criminals a good chance to pack up and leave the “hot spots” and served as only a stop cap to the crime. However, now that they are accustom to the state of the nation, the criminals have adapted and are responding with increasingly violent activity. The brutality and malice of the criminal mind knows no bounds, and rather than putting them in a state of fear with more efficient law enforcement and stricter laws, we arrest them with little to no evidence, and give them an opportunity to play the role of the victim. 
The statistics show a political agenda as well. Based on the murder rate of the last 3yrs (including 2010-2011), there was no significant change. Up until July of this yr the murder stats were right on track as usual, far too high. By the projected calculations, it would be no different by yr end. Could this be a way to stop cap it? So that by yr end the Govt could boast a lower murder rate? If an administration was truly effective they could reduce this under normal conditions, and continue it. A temporary lull in violent crime is useless to the future of the nation as it is just that, temporary. Also, the figures are being quoted over and over of arrests. Lets ignore the fact that many are outstanding parking tickets, late child support payers, and curfew delinquents. Even those who were arrested for gang related offences and violent crimes, an arrest doesn’t equal a conviction. Tomorrow morning half a million can be arrested (and new contracts awarded to house the accused), but if by the next week the same half a million are released, what has really been done? Yet the figure that half a million arrests were made will still be added to the SoE arrest count. 
We did not need an SoE to deal with crime, which subsequently failed anyway. The effort should have been invested into proper crime fighting initiatives and legal reform. As usual the political cop out is taken, and rather than trying to attack the criminals through the proper avenues, a grand show is made of it. Nothing about my statement(s) is party or politically motivated, I hold loyalty to my country alone and call it as I see it. If we want a government to work, rather than be a suck up or an enemy, we need to challenge them to do the work. Objectivity is the key to critical analysis of the issues, and this one is no different.

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