The Justice for Children March 2012: A Flagship for Change

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 9:41pm

Today we marched. Near 10 000 participants around the Savannah. We marched for Justice for Children. Emotions ran high from the marching band leading us out of the park (to a soloum military beat) to the speeches given afterwards by some of the most influential social activists this nation has ever seen. 

We had car clubs following with their cars, bike clubs with their bikes, dog clubs with their dogs. The marchers moved to a morbid beat and at times in total silence. A lot of the marchers broke off and went home after a certain point where they would have been able to get to their vehicles with ease but if even for a few minutes we wrapped the Savannah. Foot steps of thousands to a funeral like sound on drums and then in total silence. A big message and a feeling that we will not soon forget.
I gave a contribution on the podium but honestly I felt like a spec compared to such great speakers as Lincoln Myers, His worship Mayor Lee Sing, Dr. Kublalsignh, Phillip Edward Alexander, and some others who unexpectedly but fortunately graced us with their speeches. We hear for the first time publicly also the family of Akeel Chambers on the mic, and the mother of Peaches who came from Tobago. The crowds heart broke when they broke down on stage and a their pain was felt for a brief second. 
One thing thing that you could see on their faces, that went through the mind of many in the crowd, was a sense of being fed up. Fed up of false promises, fed up of campaign lies, fed up of abuse of powers, fed up of the war on the innocence and lives of our children by the deviants of society. Make no mistake, this is not the end of the movement, this is just the beginning of it. We will be continuing to fight for justice for children. The Jericho Project’s Justice for Children March is over, now we are push the Justice for Children Movement. Be part of the Movement, let your voice be heard, lets join together as one people, as Trinbagonians and fight for our children, until the problem is fixed!
Thank you all marchers, supporters who couldnt be there, NGOs that organized to come, speakers, sponsors and most of all The Jericho Project committee team who over the course of this became like family to me. Not the fake always happy family with no problems, but rather the loving-drinking-joking at times, then other times shouting at-riling up for-want to punch each other type of family that can accept each other’s flaws and love for it rather than despite of it. The REAL kind 🙂 
Update: Within 3 days of the Justice March, THE CHILDREN BILL 2012 WAS PASSED IN THE LOWER HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT WITHOUT OBJECTION. A historic day as the voice and footsteps of the people moved the government into action, and the Government and Opposition worked together to see this Bill through. Congulations to The Jericho Project as a whole. The group worked their tails off to get this done and push this movement. Im congratulating also those who made the effort to come, who donated , and those who are sticking by our side after this. This is a MASSIVE victory, no doubt, but the war is still going on. We’re in for the long haul.

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