TnT Patriotism: Race Mas

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Monday, June 18, 2012 at 9:10pm

This is our sweet TnT. The Republic of a melding pot of culture and colour never before seen. A country where we have all races in Parliament, all classes in public light, and since our independence have had the words “Nigger” and “Coolie” outlawed. Here, Every Creed and Race Find an Equal Place. Its a happy land of carinval and Mas, but wait wait wait, looks like no one stoping to take into consideration the sections seperated by race. 
If a little black boy is shot dead no one cares, but if a white child is harmed its a national issue.
Its okay for privileged children to willingly destroy the environment for their own amusement but if a poor man does something to harm it (knowingly or not) its a crisis.
People crying at losing their homes and have no food on the table and they are a considered a burden, but those in power stealing out tax dollars are smiling at accusations and being praised by their beneficiaries.
Too bad our national anthem didn’t come with a disclaimer. The Fine Print being “Once the political party which you support and the appointed officials want to gain favour in your race/class. The interest of Private investors according to interests expressed under the counter will also be taken into heavy consideration.” This is the state of the nation today. A land riddled with prejudice, discrimination, corruption, and favoritism/nepotism. 
It is maintained from the top and used as a tool to keep our people divided. If our people ever unite as one, then the selfish jokers we have trying to divide us from the top will be no more. The ignorant masses who follow them so blindly will be disbanded. We will truly be able to stand up and call ourselves Trinbagonians with pride and be recognized as a strong national family. 
This is what we have to fight for. It isnt going to happen overnight or without great effort. Until then, all we have to show for the beauty of our land and culture will be reduced to taking ‘ah wine and ah lime.’

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