TnT Political Loyalty

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

  • The old people bawl : “I’z ah PNM tuh de bone!” ” Ah born ah UNC, ah go dead ah UNC”
  • The young people bawl :  “The Balisier will grow and take us to new heights!” “The Sun has Risen and will stay shining bright in the sky” Different time, same thing.
THIS IS NOT A FOOTBALL GAME PEOPLE! THIS IS NOT BARCA VS MANU! THIS IS OUR NATION! WAKE UP! I am sick and tired of supposed party loyalist. Everyone is entitled to their political views, and their support may go to whoever, but it is blind loyalism that i speak of. The type of party supports we have now in the ranks on all sides are nothing more than yes-men and yes-women, the will of their “leader,” be it right or wrong is supported and praised without a second thought. Are we people with a will of our own and the capacity for thinking above a primitive level, or are we sheep that are meant to just follow without question? “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad!” should be the cry, but instead it’s “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Better!” and we are the ones who push them up on two legs jus long enough for them to gain their balance and walk all over our nation, all while we gape in awe of their majesty.
How can people decide who they are voting for or supporting before they examine the candidates and their platforms? Because we vote on race, on who our friends are, on who our parents vote for, and other such absurd notions (the end of race politics? what a joke). We don’t think, we allow our favorite political characters to do the thinking for us. Cheer on from the bleachers, which the government build with our tax dollars and charge us to sit in. We need to start to critically analyze everything, question our leaders and think beyond who we support. Stop comparing them to what the other party did or did not do. That is in the past, that does not matter, two wrongs never make a right. Furthermore, if someone is truly loyal to a party and believes that it is the right party to support, then it should be their responsibility to question and citicize their party even more than any opposition as they should be holding their leaders to a higher standard. Demand performance from your selected party/MP, if you support them 100% then you should expect 100% from them and nothing less, rather than covering up for them. 
How many of us are citizens of PNM, UNC, COP,TOP? Not one to my knowledge. Then why are the parties treated as the country? We care citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It is our constitutionally recognized right to support whoever we choose politically, and we should exercise that right. That right however is granted by the constitution, not the Government party in power, we are Trinidadian and Tobagonians. WE SHOULD ALWAYS PUT COUNTRY BEFORE PARTY! Our nation should come first, but sadly it doesn’t in the eyes of fanatics. Before we support or bash a party action we should always ask “Is this going to help us as a nation and as a people (in the long run especially).” Challenge our leaders , whoever they may be to do good for the country. Stop looking at it as (as we have now) PP vs PNM. Agree to disagree, being a party supporter doesn’t mean blind faith. Why cant we agree with a member of an opposite party? Because it means that we are on their side? Ridiculous. Critical Analysis and Constructive Criticizm are key to improving Governance. It goes for both sides, if the Government or Opposition does something that you honestly believe is right (after critical analysing), then give them credit, if they mess it, call them out on it. Why don’t we do this and unite as a people? O yes, that’s right, its because its not in our “leaders'” best interest to unite the people. We need to put country before party, we need to put Trinidad and Tobago before Politics. We unite for sport and carnival. When there is an event that stirs national pride. We have plenty to be proud of, we should be proud and one people everyday. Destroy some of the lines that the years of race and party politics have drawn. Start thinking with our minds instead of bleating party manifestos. 

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