Trini Embarrassadors: United Nations Disaster

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Wednesday, August 1, 2012 at 8:17pm

When I got the News Headline text that Therese Baptiste-Conelis (our current Government’s former health minister) was involved in a “controversial internet video” I was hoping that I had merely dreamed of the UN video of her and that it was a pornography they were talking about simply because a porn scandal with one of our diplomats would have been FAR LESS embarrassing than what went on in that speech. Over 30mins of embarrassing our nation to the highest level. Even our acting Foreign Affairs Minister was left unable to comment at the “Tropical Bear”‘s address to them….
Our Government for too long has been playing a loose favoritism game with ambassador appointments (to say the least). As if having our Jamaican High Commission rejected by Jamaica because he was a pipe layer by profession wasnt enough, our reputation has been irrefutably damaged in the United Nations.
In her address, Therese Baptiste-Conelis, apart from disgracing the english language and having the posture of a corbeaux, delivered a speech which left the UN and TnT citizens in utter shock and disgust. In it she admitted that the Prime Minister engaged in a heavy practice of cronyism , stating that she got her position because she use to teach the PM and wrote her speeches. Then she went on to proudly admit she willingly abused her position as a lecturer, by spreading pro-kamla propaganda to her thousands of students. 
The speech was suppose to be directed towards cultural diversity, and her idea of this was embedded (to her) in the selection of her internet dating name “Tropical Bear” which she felt obliged to proclaim, and give the story of how she meet her husband online. Given that she was supposed to be speaking about diversity it was shameful that she told the UN that her stance on knowing about that was what she told her husband when he first messaged her online to ask about TnT, i.e. go and check the tourism website, I don’t know about anything so. 
These were only snippets of what was said as it is painful to recall most moments from this 35 minute speech which saw no end of embarrassment. Never before have we been so shamed in a diplomatic setting. The video since has gone viral and the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs has been himself left unable to comment. 
In my opinion, the first step alongside Cornelis’s removal as an ambassador (and member of the government in general), is to issue a public apology to the UN for our representation in the UN as it stands and assure them that not only do we not endorse her address, but will also be more cautious in our future representation.

Update: 28th Sept 2012:
The Government has claimed last month that they have “Recalled Cornelis-Baptiste to Headquarters.” The question is, where is the headquarters which she has been recalled to? And what does the extent of “recall” mean? From the description given, the recall means fired, and the headquarters is some mystical place in the minds of the Cabinet (same place where Ish and Steve are innocent men and the Government has integrity and provides good governance too a I suppose). To spell it plain out? She was fired (or said to have been at least). So come out and say allya fire she nah? Prettying up the situation as usual, they leave her where she is in Geneva (at tax payer’s expense of course) until after independence day. Now why do this? The play thickens today, read on…

The former Embarissador Therese “Tropical Bear” Cornelis-Baptiste claims that she was not fired, but rather resigned. So after being embarrassed to the highest degree and beyond in the UN, the Govt lies about firing the person responsible ends up being a lie making it look like they took real decisive action. Now former National Security Minister Sandy is given the post. 
My question to the Government: -Why, in a forum of professional career diplomats, are we sending in failed ex-ministers? – This is embarrassing to the nation and it is only a matter of time before the infamous TnT UN failure repeats itself in a bigger clumsier way. This also brings up the question of the appointment of members of the Government’s families to these types of posts, as well as failed candidates for marginal and opposition stronghold seats. Each get a piece of the pie that the citizens sweat day in and day out to bake, barely leaving crumbs for up in the end.

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