Waterfront Comedy Tour: Motion (of no-confidence) in the Ocean

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 6:27pm
Confidence in having No-Confidence
What was gearing up to be a political boxing match, ended up in a drunken bawl. We got the Government playing opposition in power, but we got something else that was generally unexpected with the Opposition playing government. The government is suppose to defend while the opposition attacks, that are their jobs. Lines however were blurred in a big way and more campaigning went on than anything.
The Opposition, if they wanted to make any ground in this debate should have acted like a team, not islands to themselves. Rowley spoke sense when he stated and debated well (one of the few who stayed on topic generally) and brought some really eye opening information to the House. Unfortunately his contribution feel very shot of the mark. What should have been a warm up turned out to be the bulk of the workout. 
He made the same mistake that Manning made when he advised the President to dissolve Parliament in 2010 in that he should have headed a quote from Napoleon “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” Instead the preemptive strike that sparked “Kamla-mania” was re-ignited. On top of that the PP got a chance to mamaguy the people by stating all that then are supposedly planning to do and wave about the manifesto.
One point to note was that the Opposition came with hard evidence, some of which were barred from being spoken of as the matter was still before the courts (Standing Order 18). The Government’s responses were heavily opinionated. The Opposition members decided however at many many points to cease being opposition and dawn their PNM capes (Balisier emblem showing clearly). 
Some highlights of non-sense in the first 14hrs:
Moonilal (UNC Oropouche west MP) pointed out the mass expansion of CEPEP as a plus. Guess dependency on the public sector is a positive thing, the more they keep dependent on a ‘Day Wuk’ and the government handouts the more votes they control.
Roberts (COP D’Abadie/O’Meara MP) made it quite clear that only 2 races exist in Trinidad and Tobago with his comment that no one can talk race with him because he is a dougla, his mother apparently being a “saree wearing indian” and his father a “Big black tobagonian”. 
Imbert (PNM Deigo Martin MP) was taking the egging on by Robert’s accusations and kept speaking out of turn and being cautioned. He came very close to being thrown out of the chamber because of his short-man syndrome.
Jeffery (PNM La Brea MP) started by claiming that Kamla was afraid to call an election because she knows that Rowley would soundly beat her. Then continued for most of his contribution to glorify Rowley and the PNM under him. Not only campaigning in the wrong place, but on the wrong platform and to the wrong people.
Sandy (UNC senator, and first senator to be made a Minister in TnT) was a little short sighted in his plans to fix crime by expanding the Cadet Force (a notion however that I fully support). To his credit he would make a good youth minister, he has a strong hand at the very least and focused mainly in his contribution on youth development.
Cox (PNM POS St.Anns East MP) spent time explaining that PNM is and was always a party for everyone and never discriminated based on race. That they were fair and gave equal opportunity to all. This was probably THE biggest joke I heard for the session, and given what went on during the debate .
Overall Conduct: PNM- Fair (with the exception of Imbert, and some infighting between Brown and another member of his own back bench)
PP- Totally deplorable. Jokes and picong galore which undermined the seriousness of the motion and the House itself. Constant interruptions and cross talk dispite multiple warnings from the House Speaker.
Man of the Match: Speaker of the House. How that man was able to have the restraint not to walk out of the Chambers and go home, or kick 3/4 of the Parliament out in the face of all of the immaturity that tainted the debate is beyond me. 
In the end, MPs are still collecting their salaries, had all the comforts of the Hyatt for the duration of the debate, and are going to continue along the same path they are going on both sides. All in all, the people again are the ones who lose out. 
Our “leaders” continue to play their steel pans while Trinidad and Tobago burns.

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