Wild Wild PoS: Big Mac Saddles Up

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Sunday, August 19, 2012 at 5:34pm

A Port-of-Spain stand off is brewing as the notorious Big Mac rides into the City with her eyes fixed on the Sherif (and possibly KFC Independence Square chicken). Supposedly armed with a petition of 2000 signatures, and a copy of her Cholesterol test which has seen fluctuations since the traffic plan has disrupted her otherwize strict lard and political bs based diet, Big Mac and friends take to the Main Rd. 
PNM MP Marlene “Big Mac” McDonanld has a “Walk for Life” march through the streets of St.James. Now with a name with “Walk for Life” you would think that it would be a protest to the crime, infant mortality, health care, human rights, something along those lines. Instead it was a catchy name used to march against the PoS Mayor and the Traffic Plan. 
Businessmen in the area marched with them as business had dropped, and some with reasons as shallow as “the new traffic plan makes it harder for my customers to cross the road so they not coming.” Others complaining that it is a plan to attack the elderly and the children, sounding like sheep bleeding behind the lead cow. The plan is new, and has growing pains, but is being adjusted and the people themselves need to be given time to adjust. As usual we want an overnight solution, and perhaps even to pass off the blame for the general rescission that we are experiencing to the City Corp rather than the Central Government. Why did the customer NOT cross the road? Because he has to cut back spending.
2 things are at work here: 
  • Resistance to progression in political activity 
  • Setting up to grab at political party power.
1. This traffic plan is a plan by the city corporation, which was given to the Ministry of Works, and ended up as a collaborated effort from the looks of it. Apparently the PNM and PP putting aside political and personal differences to actually improve something is more than simply as rare as a poker-doted penguin, it is a taboo that the old party cult mentality will not let break.
2. A clear grab at inner-party popularity. Step 1, attack unpopular PNM leader movements (even when conclusive to order), Step 2, rally those who can’t see the bigger picture and put on heavier, even more restrictive blinkers. What would be the logic in attacking the Mayor, when the Minister of Works is green and an easy political distraction/target? There are faction within the PNM that want to grab power, and the older ones will apparently fight to the death to get their spot at the top of the hierarchy before letting new blood take their place.
The traffic plan still stands as a 3 month trial. So far what has happened is that the Traffic Plan has been a success. What it has succeeded in doing as well is exposing the problems in the other sectors, mainly public transport. Certain people would be happier if the traffic plan wasn’t implemented because rather than taking this as a chance to address the other issues and fix everything, they would prefer that we let everything remain the same and let everything be in a mess. After all, that’s less work and effort right? Come to think of it, the protest should have been more about improving the Public Transport System rather than be to put the old traffic route (which failed miserably in modern times) back. Move forward into development, not backwards into ignorance. 

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