Wild Wild PoS: Carriage Traffic Plan

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

 Friday, July 20, 2012 at 3:45pm

The PoS Sheriff’s Office (PoS City Corporation) handed over a plan last year to the (now) Generalissimo. This was an attempt to introduce new routes in the city to alleviate the Woodbrook/Western Main Rd. traffic situation that was out of hand. The new Minister of Works has jumped out of nowhere in the loop now and giving credit where it isnt due. The PoS City Corp. and the Former Minister of Works are the ones responsible for this plan. It took rather long to put in place, and its said to be a trial run for 3 months. Its a wait and see but so far shows much promise.
The Minister of Works (current) made an idiot of himself and contradicting his own statements in one speech. How can you say a traffic plan is perfect and one day of it wasn’t even complete? Then say it has to be panned out. The Traffic Planner said the correct thing, it is was well thought out and a work in progress. Traffic wardens are out helping to direct and observe its workings, and making minor changes daily to suit. No plan is perfect, but this one definitely has potential.
Idiocy and PR aside the traffic plan which was the plan of the PoS City corporation and taken up by Jack Warner as a three month trail to alleviate traffic, is an initiative that has the potential to bear much fruit. It received mixed reviews and the real test everyone agreed was when school re-opens. 3 months of a well planned project that may help our traffic situation in the west? I say let it run and assess it. If it works (at least to the extent that there is less traffic than what we had up until last week), great, Keep It! If it doesn’t, Throw it Out and start over. 
In the event of a failure, I hope that the government will not be too prideful and keep it, while pushing propaganda about its success. In anycase if they want to revert they have the PoS City Corporation and the Mayor of PoS as a scapegoat. Wait and see time, PoS City Corporation and Warner left a terrific idea in place and its now executed. I really hope that not only does it work, but that this pushes the other City Corps to come up with effective traffic plans to deal with congesstion, especially in prone rush hr locations. 

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