PP Fete 2012: Version 34 (The build up)

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

The PP propaganda machine hard at work this week trying to build a hype that is all leading up to an over inflated rally comprising mainly of party loyalists, and with ranks boosted by mandatory attendance for URP and Cepep workers, and goodies for those extra so inclined to attended to eat-ah-food off of crumbs that are so graciously dropped from the table. Hype doesn’t come out of thin air however (well other than Machel Montano primed to perform at the rally). So where did yet another Government Fete come so recently after the national election victory fete? Lets take a look. 

We all know about the Section 34 Fiasco that is currently ongoing (if you dont, check here- http://triniworldviews.blogspot.com/2012/09/section-34-double-take.html). What this prompted among the lies, was for the Opposition to lead a march calling for the heads of those responsible to roll (figuratively of course as the Government has been playing both sides with the death penalty issue). The first step in passing off blame, was to blame the Parliament as a whole for empowering the Government to be given the chance to corrupt things. While we are at it here I guess we should blame the  Ancient Athenians (Greeks) for the system of democracy. Damn you Greek philosophers for your laying down empowerment of the people through an elected body! Now that the blame game here is over, the second step? Group everyone who didn’t take the Government’s chain up as Opposition and call for the Opposition Leader’s removal. In other words the Govt’s response to the call for the removal of those directly responsible is “No, You!”

Now that one unpopular (and sort of mad) Minister has been thrown under the bus to protect the others responsible as well as make the PM look like she took action, the drama continues. Essential to the Govt’s propaganda machine is a ‘show of force,’ although it’s more like them ‘forcing a show’. The mid-week, mid day march which gathered over 10 000 people and 25 000 signatures against the Govt’s Section 34 actions is being downplayed as a lack of support for the Opposition (although they are far from the only ones outraged). So big plans in the works to plan a massive rally and respond to the Opposition led march with “We have more people here, ha ha.” The maturity of the current Government seems to have no bounds…

By making it an “our numbers vs your numbers” issue is misleading to the public to gain support, but the PR attempts are being easily seen through. Talk of Manning and Rowley in corruption are being given some shock therapy to be brought back to life but are flat-lining in the public’s eye. Misdirection isn’t enough now and going back into Manning talk is grasping at straws at the very best. Manning was voted out and the (former) PP supporters waited eagerly to see him locked up. But Alas, we voted for change, thought we got exchange, and as Franco said, we got short-changed. The PP has been in Government for over 2 yrs, time to move forward and do something instead of continuing to talk about what the former Administration didn’t do. 

Want more joke? Minister of Housing Moonilal has threatened that if Rowley doesn’t stop in this call for the removal of the AG and the PM to account that he will bus files on the Opposition leader’s corruption. So in other words he is claiming that the State has vital incriminating information on a former Minister and member of Parliament yet is withholding it as some sort of political fire? If so this by itself is a perversion of duty and incompetent governance. Pick what you are, either incompetent or corrupt, but don’t choose to be both nah, it’s making us feel stupid by association. Allegations against the Opposition Leader must be looked into, but in no different way than everyone else, including members of the current Administration. The Government has failed to bring this matter further than the rum shop talk. Remove anyone who is involved in corruption be it the highest seat in office to the janitor who taking a bribe to copy a paper from the office and hand it off. 

Ok now back to the current fete at hand. A Pre-Budget rally? They say its not, but can’t help but notice the timing of it, 2 days before a much anticipated national budget which is predicted to be painful on the citizens and playful on those in power. So this is how the Govt is going to ween in yet another over extravagant budget while keeping spending (and tiefing) high. 10-1 they going to lie about what it contains anyway because more people watch a rally than the sitting of Parliament. We kick out Manning for not addressing the issues while doing this kinda ting. What we accepting the clown squad in cabinet now for again? In anycase, reeeeel political wine and grind going on weekend. Professional winers poised to get up on stage and show the nation that they have no shame in how dutty they can get on. Passa passa style can be expected as the PR is getting more shameless and sloppy as they go alone. 

So to sum it all up-
How to avoid accounting for Section 34 according to the movements of the UNC/PP or whatever farce of a Government exists today. 

-Shut up until the public demands a response
-Say it’s not your fault because you were given the chance to do it.
-Throw a disliked Minister under the bus
-Say it’s not your fault again, that it was his
-Group all against the Fiasco as Opposition supporters
-Call for the removal of Opposition Leader
-Set up propaganda blog agents and pages left right and center
-Plan massive rally to repeat all of the above to a larger crowd.

Iz wine time for those giving in. Good Governance? Doh study all that, take a tax payer’s sponsored drink-ah-drink and eat-ah-food and wine to the ground with it.

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