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Imagine this: You hire a gardener to cut some bush in the yard and make sure everything is well kept, paying his big money to do so too. But when you come outside you see him lying down on the lawn (which is uncut), eating out your fruit from the trees, with a bag full of them next to him. To top it off your sheds in the back broken down, gardening tools dismantled, tiles from your back porch missing. All because the materials are being used to set up a fruit stand to sell your own fruits to the neighbours for his own profit. No this didn’t happen to me directly, it is happening to our country. What would you do however if this was literally the case?
Response form the masses: “FIRE DEY TAIL!”

We need the Power to RECALL corrupt and non-performing MPs and Councillors. Whether Government or Opposition. If an MP is making a mess or neglecting their constituency we should not be held to ransom for 5 years (MPs) or 3yrs (Councillors). When a Minister takes actions directly against the interests of the people, there should be the right of a national referendum to get rid of them from their Cabinet Positions (and without them just being shifted around to a new more comfortable office). If this is a democracy, strive to make it more democratic, not grab positions like a thief by lying and making false promises and then keep the very people who put you there trapped. This is a pressing matter of constitutional reform that we can no longer ignore. If the abuse of past and current governments has taught us anything, it is that the power must remain in the hands of the people in having the ability to make those we HIRE accountable.

Over the course of our independence we have seen it all too often. Manifestos have become little more than a piece of paper and in recently times our Constitution and integrity in governance has seemingly been replaced with a copy of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Ministers wining (in more ways than one) and dining at tax payers expense and laughing at cries from the public for them to do their job. Self interest seems to be the driving force in this selfish, long out of date system. Politicians will saw anything to get into power, we see this each and every election, and even in the last one this very notion of recall being promised which was thrown over the cliff faster than a paraplegic spartan baby once certain parties took office. Manifestos need to be held up against physical, economical and social development as critically analysised/measured by not just experts but by the ordinary citizen who’s unwashed vote is just as important to his survival in this small state nation as anyone else’s.

We have the power to HIRE, we should now demand the power to FIRE. After all, if those in high office are indeed doing their job, what do they have to fear?

The Hit Single -The Greatest Love of All-, originally by Whitney Houston, now has been politically remixed by UNC’s Ramona Ramdial to be performed on the stage of the UNC Youth Elections relevant to her slate, the Warriors.
Here is a preview of the main attraction-
“I believe that the children are our future (of Corruption)
Tief dem well and let them steal away
Show dem all the bullying they possess inside
Give them a sense of power to make it easier (to eat-ah-food)
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be (before we became professional tiefs)”

Among the performances that have passed were the orchestration of the membership list. Why have Ramona’s team organize the voting when she has her own Youth Slate going up? Because they damn well can. Someone inside of the party however blew the whistle it seemed and there was bacchanal galore that was quickly swept under the carpet. Crisis averted, and the Warrior’s back up plan fails.

Now the real climax, draw dropper, a magic show. The UNC seems to have done a vanishing act with its party constitution. It is no where to be found outside of party executives or those who have slipped the document up their sleeve. Anyway, the cheap illusions are nothing more than that, and it is apparent that the UNC constitution dictates that a running member in an internal election must be a card carrying member for at least 1 year. Ramona’s head Warrior Chairman contender? A member since February 2012. That’s around 8 months rather than 12. Perhaps they will claim incompetence here in not being able to count. If so, I’d say that they are on the right track to become like their heroes in Parliament right now debating off topic and making us understand the true meaning of the term “educated fool.”

Party fanatics in Trinidad and Tobago usually put Party before Nation, which is serving a self interest agenda and destroying our country. So understanding this, if they can’t respect their own constitution on internal matters, how do you thing they are going to treat the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago? And this is going on in a Youth Arm?! People in breach are still going forward internally, and the adults in charge of the country continue to violate our rights.
Well anyway, The Show Must Go On (Ent?).

The Generalissimo is at it again. Whats up this time? How about:

  1. Threatening the Media
  2. Perverting Parliament to attack Independent Coloumists 
  3. Insulting a Religious Sect
  4. Claiming That a Laventille Murder is Political
  5. Ordering a Block on All Crime Statistics.

That’s right, rather than a steady decent into insanity the National Security Minister is taking leaps on faith (with that faith being placed only in certain churches it seems, and only allowed to be reported how he sees fit). Now going into the issues here with a magnifying glass what could come across as noise in the background for those who don’t fear the extreme dictatorial situation, we see how not only is this the rantings of a lunatic by all common sensed citizens, but also how fundamentally unconstitutional and illegal this is. 

  1. First point, the threatening of the Media. In the PP public relations panic that followed when the Government realized that Section 34 was not a 10 day wonder and that people began to see through them, the UNC Cabal and friends hijack some air time Manning style. Upping Manning one however (not to be outdone on corruption) they decide to parade what the nation at large called a “circus” of a show weekly at the cost of $250,000 per week. In the airing of the program which was affectionately labeled by some as “Keeping up with Kamla,” the Generalissimo decided that it was a good idea to mention a journalist who had written and exposed issues that the Government thought was well hidden (one having been 2 years ago, another a few months ago). Apart from mentioning personal details about said journalist, he commented as well saying that he knows where she lives, all while slapping the newspaper. Now some would see this as a threat, but one host who interviewed the ‘Action’ Jack following agreed with his that it wasn’t a threat. So the National Security Minister who has crossed every line to command the army/police as his own personal enforcers reveals details about a reporter’s personal life and warns that he knows where she lives, and this was to be taken as some sort of…what? A random outburst of Tourettes?…And the Freedom of the Press by the way is protected under S.4 (k) of our Constitution. 
  2. A weekly coloumist and known blogger was not left out however. After all what good is bullying coercion of one freedom if you don’t go for more? Like Machel’s reported $5M (or from some sources $10M) “Going for Gold” Government sponsored, auto-tuned, olypmic class, Ear-soar, this Minister sought to go the distance and use the protection of Parliamentary Privilege to attack non-MPs who did not enjoy such legal protection. The coloumist in question revealed multiple reports that Gang-Leaders in Laventille were being paid by the Generalissimo between $20,000-$50,000 per month to stop “Warring,” all while regular citizens in the area where being the victims of an unofficial limited State of Emergency. This prompted old Jack to get on his feet in the Parliament and claim that that individual (who he called by name) was trying to Destroy the Nation. Of course this is against the standing order of the house and the Speaker cautioned him, and with that the mad outburst will now be lodged for all to see in the Hansard (Parliament’s written records). A lesson to all citizens here, when you expose corruption for numbers and a dictatorship, you are apparently trying to destroy the nation…o, and Constitution S.4(i) freedom of thought and expression. Privileges Committee as well anyone, or are certain Ministers above this too?

  3. Now that the media (in his mind) has been soundly dealt with, what would be equally important? How about a Religious Sect?!  The Dean of the Anglican Cathedral in PoS made statements denouncing support for certain Government actions which he felt were not of a high moral standing. The response?  Feeling to be on equal footing The Generalissimo attacks the Anglican Church by saying that the Dean was using the “House of God as Balisier House.” S4.(h) freedom of conscience and religious belief and observance of the Constitution. Coming down on a church and criticizing the way they handle their services in public while a member of the Cabinet, more than just in poor taste, it infringes on their rights. When the PP cult organizes in the Church of the PP is established however I am sure they will not be saying anything like that. 
  4. Thanks to the Generalissimo’s comprehensive crime plan of rewarding Gang Leader for having powerful gangs and having the law abiding citizens living in fear of police/army abuse, in one month Laventille is all of us sudden a land of rainbows and unicorns where nothing bad could ever happen, right?  On a side note apparently a killing is not a killing unless it occurs in Laventille from how the crime situation is being treated. Well a murder is committed here, and the first thing to come out of a press conference with the Minister of National Security? He claims it was a PNM sponsored murder. No that was not a joke. The nation as a whole stood back and tilted their head slightly. What use to be a mixture of fear and indifference towards the Minister turned instantly to a mixture or pity and distaste with one phrase on the citizens’ lips: “De man gone Mad (in the crazy sense).” Maybe it was a PNM sponsored change of heart by supporters, who knows…
  5. As if all of the above wasn’t enough, the biggest absurdity ends up being his grand announcement at the Press Conference. That effective immediately, he claimed to have ordered a full gag order on the every member of the Police Service that they would not be allowed to reveal crime statistics at anytime, anywhere, or to any person. He went on to say that it was because the PNM was using this info to encourage more murders and further mischief in crime prone areas. I guess they might as well hide the Economic spending figures and results too as that would encourage a dip in the economy, by their logic. He went on to announce the the information will be released quarterly by him. This apparent “order” breaches the Freedom of Information Act Ch 22:02, section 8. What follows the next day as well is the Commissioner of Police being boxed in to make a public statement, saying that  The Minister CANNOT curtail the release of the information on crime statistics in any legal way and that his police would not be given that order from him. Further, this statement breached S.85 of the Constitution- The Minister of National Security can direct general policy but not the actions of the offices under National Security and S.123 (a)- The Commissioner of Police is in total control of the responsibilities of his office (not the National Security Minister). 

The immediate response to his immediately outburst of unconstitutional/illegal nonsense? The International Media having a field day ( The Washington Post was just one US publication to do a story on the insanity of this announcement. The Minister was also featured in this light on BBC, ABC, FOX, and CNN. The Government’s master plan to tackle the Murder rate rather than tackle the Murders, have fallen through worse than the SoE, with 316 murders to that date (19 more than this point last year, which was more than the year before). With his former bid to buy over media houses locally in order to silence them it’s best he opens his own and call it M.A.D. 

So lets recap. The Law and Constitution is attempted to be breached/bullied out under:

-S.4(k) Freedom of the Press
-S.4(i) freedom of thought and expression
-S4.(h) freedom of conscience and religious belief and observance
-S.85 Responsibilities of the National Security Minister
-S.123 (a) Responsibilities of the Commissioner of Police
-Freedom of Information Act Ch 22:02, section 8

On the last point, the big backpedal by the Generalissimo?:
Statements on the issue-
Tuesday: I have instructed the police not to release crime statistics to anyone, at anytime, with immediate effect.
Wednesday: What I have said has been taken out of context (despite saying at the Tuesday Press Release that he could be quoted on his statement).
Thursday: I never ordered the Commissioner or the police to withhold crime statistics. 
…. What more comment can be made of this?

So where do we stand at present with all of these ludicrous matters looming over our freedom? The PM is silent (as usual) and the Minister of National Security laughingly mentions when asked that the PM gives him her full support. Thing to cry for (literally in the ghetto and affected areas) and Ministers laughing. Guess when you attempt to exercise supreme control over a country and you are not held accountable to anyone you can do whatever you want. The citizens and media alike are crying out and demanding answers, but in this situation social pressure better get a lot more severe (within all possible peaceful means) before these Dictatorial tactics become permanent in our Banana Republic.

Guide to being a Royal Jack

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How do you make yourself into a royal Jack in TnT? Follow this 4 Phase, easy to read, step-by-step guide and find out.
Well there are some pre-requisites (Phase 1):
-A Bad Attitude
-Wajang Behaviour
-The Illusion that you are Working
-International Scandal and a Lisp (Optional but it helps)

When you are sure that you have these, it’s time to put your ‘skills’ to use in Phase 2 to obtain:
-An MP seat
-Behind the scene control of a political party
-Bribe-able contacts

When these are sorted out, time to go on to phase 3:
-Obtain control of the Nation’s tax dollars at a whim
-Take control of all of the Nation’s armed forces
-Have a peaceful protester dragged through the streets
-Demolish a religious protest camp
-Bid rig contracts and ignore international investigations and judgement

By now you should be sufficiently and equally Mad and Arrogant. If not Mad and Arrogant enough, please go back to Phase 3 and repeat but this time with a jester hat and eyepatch. Phase 4:
-Defame non parliamentary public figures in Parliament
-Insult a Religious sect
-Threaten Journalists (who are protected under A.10 of the Constitution).
-Lock down a community
-Pay off Gang Members and give them work while their community experiences martial law

This now is far from easy and only a select few (only one so far to date). Rest assured though that with hard tieifing, double talk, and the pulling of strings behind the scenes in a shameless manner, you too can one day aspire to be a Royal Jack.

(On a more serious note: This behaviour has reached past the point of ENOUGH).

ICC T34 World Cup

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BREAKING NEWS: In honour of the West Indies Cricket team winning the World Cup, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago will now be renamed “The Republic of West Indies Cricket.” The List of rewards that they will receive has been announced by the Government as follows:
-$50 000 000 in fresly printed $50 bills
-A Public Holiday for each run made
-A night in bed with each registered citizen’s wife
-Cricket itself
-The Ministry of Sports (if Anil Roberts doesn’t grow back his beard)
-A Chair that Kamla once sat on
-Keshorn Walcott

More may be coming soon but for now this is considered just enough to distract the nation from the recent Section 34 Fiasco which is still going on as Ish and Steve are likely to win their cases based on Government’s actions and further win $76M in suing us (that was no joke, they really are suing the state for $76M and likely to win).

When asked why Ish and Steve themselves were not to be given to the WI Cricket Team the PM fell silent and then later responded “I have been advised.” Not sure what she has been advised of who who advises her but be sure that he has been and will continue to be.

God bless our Banana Republic….

It’s that magical time of year once again. No not Christmas, but pretty close for those who have Government connections and those who are waiting for handouts alike. While citizens expected for once a balanced budget to cut off the bleeding of the economy by high Government spending, what we received rather than their belt being tightened, was it being tied into a noose and draped around the citizenry’s neck. Sprinkle some fairy dust read on as we attempt to make sense of the senseless. 

Gas/Transport (and some environment, sort of….):
Gas Subsidy Gone. Yep, that’s right, the one thing making transport affordable is wispped away with an instant 44% increase in the price of Premium Gas. This is only the start however as there seems to be a scheme but with no schedule to remove all Gas subsidies. At least we can trust the Government with it, it’s not like they would proclaim anything before needed ent? I wonder if the Ministers families going to pay for un-subsidized Gas now or if it’s going to be on expense accounts. Doh worry nah Kams, you and the Circus can continue driving around in the Clown Car at tax payers expense. 

Number crunching time, The Finance Minister presents his numbers of the savings. 
Cost of Gas subsidies annually- $4B. 
Revenue from current reduction and projected reduction on Gas subsidies- Less than $100M
The PM claims that only 6% of motorists use premium gas, a figure which has no reference backing it and that the general public has expressed disagreement with. Nothing new however, as the Finance Minister claimed that we have had 1.3% economic growth with a top independant economist claiming after that that figure seems like it was pull out of thin air. Kamla-nomics at its best!

The Finance Minister went on about encouraging CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) run cars which would be eco-friendly. So here’s the plan, make Premium too expensive to afford. Make the cheaper dirtier fuel the better alternative. Build GNC stations and with some fairy dust hope that people covert their entire engines. Bottom Line? Some of his partners getting nice CNG station construction contracts. Done true to PP form, all flair, no gear. 

Finally on this misguided Merry-go-round section, the plan to introduce Toll Booths. Yes, because pretty and pocketing is more important than people and progress. Increased Traffic, More burden on driving citizens (with gas prices up already), Increased cost of public transport, Creating robbery targets. Our tax dollars paving the road, will be used to build the booths, and put more people under government employment (considering they use people), all to charge us for using our own already small and bottle-necked roads.

Not sure if there is much to say here. At the “Pre-Budget Rally” (allya ever hear such mess? A Pre-Budget Rally?) there was the announcement that there will be no VAT on local food items and that no child shall go hungry. What the PM neglected to mention is that there is already no VAT on most local food items. Thank you Madam PM for reducing our 0% to 0%. Politicking at its finest (or worse when the public realizes). On another note, how does a watermelon get from Mayaro to HiLo St. Augustine? Gas. So with the eventual phasing out of the subsidy food would end up costing more in the long run. Unless the Finance Minister’s plan of pixie powder to fly the goods from point A to B comes through. 

Time to dip into the stockings now and see what Kamla-Clause has for the down-trotten. While I do agree with the survival benefit and disabled benefits being raised, this was done in the usual pull a few blue bills out of the stockings and throw. No real assessment as to the true needs of disadvantaged groups in society. To repeat myself on a statement: ‘What the disabled need to integrate better into our unaware society is not the ability to “eat-ah-food,” it is measures to facilitate them due to their disabilities. Mandatory wheelchair ramps and more career opportunities for sign language interpreters etc. is what is needed, not some more $ thrown at them like they are beggars. ‘ Continue to treat someone like a dog for long enough and they will enevtually bark, just don’t complain when they bite you one day.

Property Tax:
Yes the tax is back. They claim it is different from what Manning proposed (and the middle class helped to quickly booted him out for). Nothing more was really said. Given the track record they have, we can expect the same or worse but with it looking quite pretty and a an elaborate plan to convince us that this is what we want. Prepare for the propaganda and property tax. On this topic. Now they have lowered certain rates to make it easier to be a homeowner now, via constructing a home (so they say, waiting to see how it plays out). So let them build up, then tax the hell out of them. Get a man a job, to rob him on the way home, interesting tactic.

Still no hard and real ways to deal with us being a top drug transit point in the region. Although the National Security Minister will be far from frowning. The Minister of National Security has his own security company. He has been given $289M for Crime initiatives before the budget, and has a multi-$Billion budget to play with. Now VAT taken away on cameras. More $ for his pocket and less for the country. Also the $1000 tax relief that Police Officers get have been extended to the SRPs (i.e. Jack’s Private “Cepep/URP Inspired” Police Force). What is just as important to an oppressor as manpower? How bout a budget that helps him make more money from tax payer’s pockets, while paying less taxes himself. Best he jumps in the van with the bandits that he seeks to arrest. 

One thing that i agree with in the budget is a step taken against the Casinos (in the form of a higher tax) that are popping up like weeds and being used not only to corrupt our morals in society further but are used to launder Money all over. Note though, those involved in money laundering will pay the extra tax, so its time to put more measures in place to cut this problem out asap. Set quotas for equipment, and make it difficult to zone. Don’t just tax them, cut the problem at its root. Some light here but not enough for us to see. 

Overall Figure:
$58.4 billion 
$7.669 billion Deficit.
This was looking promising to be a balanced budget with cut backs in ludicrous Government spending (especially in personal spending and self interest projects) but alas, we relieve the largest Budget yet with a short presentation and a further $7.669B in the hole (thought the last Govt emptied the treasury but like Howai’s belief in magic trumps financing).

The Government called this “The People’s Budget” and a “Poor Man’s Budget.” Well they didn’t lie, just didn’t say that it was in a negative context. The people are the one who have to catch tail here (mainly the working class) and the poor man has to take the chain up here where they give it. This budget looks like a “rich getting richer while the poor is getting poorer” budget. Billions flying around with little clarification. Claiming Trinidad and Tobago people will prosper while calculated plans to raid the barn by the wealthy and those in power are being set into motion by this year’s budget. A few “eat-ah-food” dependency programs like Cepep are being expanded to make us a more dependent society and a few hand out hampers to keep others quiet. 

The big question of how the working man’s income is now going to be boosted to meet the new expenses and Government’s increased spending prevails. What everyone must remember is that the Finance Minister stands strongly behind this budget, given his belief that Magic will fill in the prominent gaps. Or as the AG might say to anyone who doesn’t give 100% support to this Budget- “All of Dem Iz PNM!”