ICC T34 World Cup

Posted: October 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

BREAKING NEWS: In honour of the West Indies Cricket team winning the World Cup, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago will now be renamed “The Republic of West Indies Cricket.” The List of rewards that they will receive has been announced by the Government as follows:
-$50 000 000 in fresly printed $50 bills
-A Public Holiday for each run made
-A night in bed with each registered citizen’s wife
-Cricket itself
-The Ministry of Sports (if Anil Roberts doesn’t grow back his beard)
-A Chair that Kamla once sat on
-Keshorn Walcott

More may be coming soon but for now this is considered just enough to distract the nation from the recent Section 34 Fiasco which is still going on as Ish and Steve are likely to win their cases based on Government’s actions and further win $76M in suing us (that was no joke, they really are suing the state for $76M and likely to win).

When asked why Ish and Steve themselves were not to be given to the WI Cricket Team the PM fell silent and then later responded “I have been advised.” Not sure what she has been advised of who who advises her but be sure that he has been and will continue to be.

God bless our Banana Republic….

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