Guide to being a Royal Jack

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

How do you make yourself into a royal Jack in TnT? Follow this 4 Phase, easy to read, step-by-step guide and find out.
Well there are some pre-requisites (Phase 1):
-A Bad Attitude
-Wajang Behaviour
-The Illusion that you are Working
-International Scandal and a Lisp (Optional but it helps)

When you are sure that you have these, it’s time to put your ‘skills’ to use in Phase 2 to obtain:
-An MP seat
-Behind the scene control of a political party
-Bribe-able contacts

When these are sorted out, time to go on to phase 3:
-Obtain control of the Nation’s tax dollars at a whim
-Take control of all of the Nation’s armed forces
-Have a peaceful protester dragged through the streets
-Demolish a religious protest camp
-Bid rig contracts and ignore international investigations and judgement

By now you should be sufficiently and equally Mad and Arrogant. If not Mad and Arrogant enough, please go back to Phase 3 and repeat but this time with a jester hat and eyepatch. Phase 4:
-Defame non parliamentary public figures in Parliament
-Insult a Religious sect
-Threaten Journalists (who are protected under A.10 of the Constitution).
-Lock down a community
-Pay off Gang Members and give them work while their community experiences martial law

This now is far from easy and only a select few (only one so far to date). Rest assured though that with hard tieifing, double talk, and the pulling of strings behind the scenes in a shameless manner, you too can one day aspire to be a Royal Jack.

(On a more serious note: This behaviour has reached past the point of ENOUGH).

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