People’s Republic of Trinidad and Tobago: A Load of Jack

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Generalissimo is at it again. Whats up this time? How about:

  1. Threatening the Media
  2. Perverting Parliament to attack Independent Coloumists 
  3. Insulting a Religious Sect
  4. Claiming That a Laventille Murder is Political
  5. Ordering a Block on All Crime Statistics.

That’s right, rather than a steady decent into insanity the National Security Minister is taking leaps on faith (with that faith being placed only in certain churches it seems, and only allowed to be reported how he sees fit). Now going into the issues here with a magnifying glass what could come across as noise in the background for those who don’t fear the extreme dictatorial situation, we see how not only is this the rantings of a lunatic by all common sensed citizens, but also how fundamentally unconstitutional and illegal this is. 

  1. First point, the threatening of the Media. In the PP public relations panic that followed when the Government realized that Section 34 was not a 10 day wonder and that people began to see through them, the UNC Cabal and friends hijack some air time Manning style. Upping Manning one however (not to be outdone on corruption) they decide to parade what the nation at large called a “circus” of a show weekly at the cost of $250,000 per week. In the airing of the program which was affectionately labeled by some as “Keeping up with Kamla,” the Generalissimo decided that it was a good idea to mention a journalist who had written and exposed issues that the Government thought was well hidden (one having been 2 years ago, another a few months ago). Apart from mentioning personal details about said journalist, he commented as well saying that he knows where she lives, all while slapping the newspaper. Now some would see this as a threat, but one host who interviewed the ‘Action’ Jack following agreed with his that it wasn’t a threat. So the National Security Minister who has crossed every line to command the army/police as his own personal enforcers reveals details about a reporter’s personal life and warns that he knows where she lives, and this was to be taken as some sort of…what? A random outburst of Tourettes?…And the Freedom of the Press by the way is protected under S.4 (k) of our Constitution. 
  2. A weekly coloumist and known blogger was not left out however. After all what good is bullying coercion of one freedom if you don’t go for more? Like Machel’s reported $5M (or from some sources $10M) “Going for Gold” Government sponsored, auto-tuned, olypmic class, Ear-soar, this Minister sought to go the distance and use the protection of Parliamentary Privilege to attack non-MPs who did not enjoy such legal protection. The coloumist in question revealed multiple reports that Gang-Leaders in Laventille were being paid by the Generalissimo between $20,000-$50,000 per month to stop “Warring,” all while regular citizens in the area where being the victims of an unofficial limited State of Emergency. This prompted old Jack to get on his feet in the Parliament and claim that that individual (who he called by name) was trying to Destroy the Nation. Of course this is against the standing order of the house and the Speaker cautioned him, and with that the mad outburst will now be lodged for all to see in the Hansard (Parliament’s written records). A lesson to all citizens here, when you expose corruption for numbers and a dictatorship, you are apparently trying to destroy the nation…o, and Constitution S.4(i) freedom of thought and expression. Privileges Committee as well anyone, or are certain Ministers above this too?

  3. Now that the media (in his mind) has been soundly dealt with, what would be equally important? How about a Religious Sect?!  The Dean of the Anglican Cathedral in PoS made statements denouncing support for certain Government actions which he felt were not of a high moral standing. The response?  Feeling to be on equal footing The Generalissimo attacks the Anglican Church by saying that the Dean was using the “House of God as Balisier House.” S4.(h) freedom of conscience and religious belief and observance of the Constitution. Coming down on a church and criticizing the way they handle their services in public while a member of the Cabinet, more than just in poor taste, it infringes on their rights. When the PP cult organizes in the Church of the PP is established however I am sure they will not be saying anything like that. 
  4. Thanks to the Generalissimo’s comprehensive crime plan of rewarding Gang Leader for having powerful gangs and having the law abiding citizens living in fear of police/army abuse, in one month Laventille is all of us sudden a land of rainbows and unicorns where nothing bad could ever happen, right?  On a side note apparently a killing is not a killing unless it occurs in Laventille from how the crime situation is being treated. Well a murder is committed here, and the first thing to come out of a press conference with the Minister of National Security? He claims it was a PNM sponsored murder. No that was not a joke. The nation as a whole stood back and tilted their head slightly. What use to be a mixture of fear and indifference towards the Minister turned instantly to a mixture or pity and distaste with one phrase on the citizens’ lips: “De man gone Mad (in the crazy sense).” Maybe it was a PNM sponsored change of heart by supporters, who knows…
  5. As if all of the above wasn’t enough, the biggest absurdity ends up being his grand announcement at the Press Conference. That effective immediately, he claimed to have ordered a full gag order on the every member of the Police Service that they would not be allowed to reveal crime statistics at anytime, anywhere, or to any person. He went on to say that it was because the PNM was using this info to encourage more murders and further mischief in crime prone areas. I guess they might as well hide the Economic spending figures and results too as that would encourage a dip in the economy, by their logic. He went on to announce the the information will be released quarterly by him. This apparent “order” breaches the Freedom of Information Act Ch 22:02, section 8. What follows the next day as well is the Commissioner of Police being boxed in to make a public statement, saying that  The Minister CANNOT curtail the release of the information on crime statistics in any legal way and that his police would not be given that order from him. Further, this statement breached S.85 of the Constitution- The Minister of National Security can direct general policy but not the actions of the offices under National Security and S.123 (a)- The Commissioner of Police is in total control of the responsibilities of his office (not the National Security Minister). 

The immediate response to his immediately outburst of unconstitutional/illegal nonsense? The International Media having a field day ( The Washington Post was just one US publication to do a story on the insanity of this announcement. The Minister was also featured in this light on BBC, ABC, FOX, and CNN. The Government’s master plan to tackle the Murder rate rather than tackle the Murders, have fallen through worse than the SoE, with 316 murders to that date (19 more than this point last year, which was more than the year before). With his former bid to buy over media houses locally in order to silence them it’s best he opens his own and call it M.A.D. 

So lets recap. The Law and Constitution is attempted to be breached/bullied out under:

-S.4(k) Freedom of the Press
-S.4(i) freedom of thought and expression
-S4.(h) freedom of conscience and religious belief and observance
-S.85 Responsibilities of the National Security Minister
-S.123 (a) Responsibilities of the Commissioner of Police
-Freedom of Information Act Ch 22:02, section 8

On the last point, the big backpedal by the Generalissimo?:
Statements on the issue-
Tuesday: I have instructed the police not to release crime statistics to anyone, at anytime, with immediate effect.
Wednesday: What I have said has been taken out of context (despite saying at the Tuesday Press Release that he could be quoted on his statement).
Thursday: I never ordered the Commissioner or the police to withhold crime statistics. 
…. What more comment can be made of this?

So where do we stand at present with all of these ludicrous matters looming over our freedom? The PM is silent (as usual) and the Minister of National Security laughingly mentions when asked that the PM gives him her full support. Thing to cry for (literally in the ghetto and affected areas) and Ministers laughing. Guess when you attempt to exercise supreme control over a country and you are not held accountable to anyone you can do whatever you want. The citizens and media alike are crying out and demanding answers, but in this situation social pressure better get a lot more severe (within all possible peaceful means) before these Dictatorial tactics become permanent in our Banana Republic.

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