UNC Musical: The Children are our Future (Of Corruption)

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Hit Single -The Greatest Love of All-, originally by Whitney Houston, now has been politically remixed by UNC’s Ramona Ramdial to be performed on the stage of the UNC Youth Elections relevant to her slate, the Warriors.
Here is a preview of the main attraction-
“I believe that the children are our future (of Corruption)
Tief dem well and let them steal away
Show dem all the bullying they possess inside
Give them a sense of power to make it easier (to eat-ah-food)
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be (before we became professional tiefs)”

Among the performances that have passed were the orchestration of the membership list. Why have Ramona’s team organize the voting when she has her own Youth Slate going up? Because they damn well can. Someone inside of the party however blew the whistle it seemed and there was bacchanal galore that was quickly swept under the carpet. Crisis averted, and the Warrior’s back up plan fails.

Now the real climax, draw dropper, a magic show. The UNC seems to have done a vanishing act with its party constitution. It is no where to be found outside of party executives or those who have slipped the document up their sleeve. Anyway, the cheap illusions are nothing more than that, and it is apparent that the UNC constitution dictates that a running member in an internal election must be a card carrying member for at least 1 year. Ramona’s head Warrior Chairman contender? A member since February 2012. That’s around 8 months rather than 12. Perhaps they will claim incompetence here in not being able to count. If so, I’d say that they are on the right track to become like their heroes in Parliament right now debating off topic and making us understand the true meaning of the term “educated fool.”

Party fanatics in Trinidad and Tobago usually put Party before Nation, which is serving a self interest agenda and destroying our country. So understanding this, if they can’t respect their own constitution on internal matters, how do you thing they are going to treat the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago? And this is going on in a Youth Arm?! People in breach are still going forward internally, and the adults in charge of the country continue to violate our rights.
Well anyway, The Show Must Go On (Ent?).

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