Constitutionally Speaking: Fire Dey Tail!

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Imagine this: You hire a gardener to cut some bush in the yard and make sure everything is well kept, paying his big money to do so too. But when you come outside you see him lying down on the lawn (which is uncut), eating out your fruit from the trees, with a bag full of them next to him. To top it off your sheds in the back broken down, gardening tools dismantled, tiles from your back porch missing. All because the materials are being used to set up a fruit stand to sell your own fruits to the neighbours for his own profit. No this didn’t happen to me directly, it is happening to our country. What would you do however if this was literally the case?
Response form the masses: “FIRE DEY TAIL!”

We need the Power to RECALL corrupt and non-performing MPs and Councillors. Whether Government or Opposition. If an MP is making a mess or neglecting their constituency we should not be held to ransom for 5 years (MPs) or 3yrs (Councillors). When a Minister takes actions directly against the interests of the people, there should be the right of a national referendum to get rid of them from their Cabinet Positions (and without them just being shifted around to a new more comfortable office). If this is a democracy, strive to make it more democratic, not grab positions like a thief by lying and making false promises and then keep the very people who put you there trapped. This is a pressing matter of constitutional reform that we can no longer ignore. If the abuse of past and current governments has taught us anything, it is that the power must remain in the hands of the people in having the ability to make those we HIRE accountable.

Over the course of our independence we have seen it all too often. Manifestos have become little more than a piece of paper and in recently times our Constitution and integrity in governance has seemingly been replaced with a copy of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Ministers wining (in more ways than one) and dining at tax payers expense and laughing at cries from the public for them to do their job. Self interest seems to be the driving force in this selfish, long out of date system. Politicians will saw anything to get into power, we see this each and every election, and even in the last one this very notion of recall being promised which was thrown over the cliff faster than a paraplegic spartan baby once certain parties took office. Manifestos need to be held up against physical, economical and social development as critically analysised/measured by not just experts but by the ordinary citizen who’s unwashed vote is just as important to his survival in this small state nation as anyone else’s.

We have the power to HIRE, we should now demand the power to FIRE. After all, if those in high office are indeed doing their job, what do they have to fear?

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