Change, Exchange, and Short Change

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since our Independence (and perhaps before) we have been a nation in a deep political slumber waking up to take a peek at what is going on every decade or so. While sleeping soundly he awoke abruptly to a knife in the back with “34” carved on the handle, an a swift boot pinning us down by the throat with “National Security” printed printed on the bottom. After the firm grasping at the back of our neck by former administrations and the Hart attacks that we suffered in the past, the Government thought it would be business as usual. To the surprise of all of those in power, those aspiring to gain power, and the citizens who give power by their support, the nation woke jumped up, on it’s feet and for the first time standing fully erect. We now stare head on, with the pain of 50 years of abuse in our eyes, at the those of our own soil who would sell our skin for silver and there can be no backing down from this point onwards.

For the first time it seems that Trinbagonians have become politically aware, although some would say that Tobagoians were always politically aware and we in Trinidad even with out advancement over them are playing catch-up. We saw what we thought was the end of race politics in the May 2010 election, but little did we know that it was just an intermission that would ultimately lead to our country crumbling as Cabinet has become a Circus, and Parliament a Playground. In the past we went through the cycle of exchange rather than change, throwing one tribe our to replace them with another of a different race but the same stock. Governments Parties became like petty offenders, going into the system, learning more from those who are experienced hardened convicts, coming out, then going back in. We have kept exchanging one for the other, until recently when it came to the point where we realize that we have been short changed.

Corruption: Favoritism, Nepotism, Cronyism. Gangster-ism, Eat-ah-Food-ism, Rum and Roti-ism. By whatever terms and names, from the Queen’s English to the Creole’s Dialogue, the issues are seen through the racial, social and economic barriers of our nation. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer with what’s left of the middle class left in limbo. High profile thieves in suits, of ever shape and size, colour and creed, race and region, have held us ransom since 1962, in he guise of being in our best interest. Ironic that despite us adhering to the rules of race politics for far too long, Corruption (in all it’s forms) is the one thing that truly never discriminates. Can we continue to accept current intentional failures because of the sins of the past administrations? If we want to ever move forward in any real we we can not. Blaming past administrations when confronted with questions and refusing to take serious allegations seriously due to a clash of personalities is digging heels into the mud of misdirection and will do nothing for us but allow this cycle of high office abuse to not only be abused, but accepted. We must stand up against it and refuse to accept it otherwise we are doomed to it.

Tribal politics is dictated by the collective mind of the Tribal Loyalists and the attitude of the Tribe Leader. The Tribe leader however is doomed if he doesn’t follow the will of a system that he has trapped himself/herself in. Some of them now are starting to stand up. At the risk of losing their Tribes by displaying integrity focused on an issue rather than a personality they are setting themselves apart from the self-segregated leaders of old. Then again perhaps they were pushed to this as we on a whole in the face of the gravest injustices and defiling of our Constitution. Whether self induced or outside imposed integrity, the people and some large public figures are refusing to drink the cult Kool-Aid served to us as we have awoken and realized that the political sugar added does nothing to dilute the poison. Many of us are now awake, and it scares the hell out of those who would benefit from keeping us in perpetual slumber.

Up in arms, old tools of office holders are being resharpened and set out against those who put them there. Economical Victimization, Social Segregation and Connection Castration are the fears that are made reality by tyrants who we chosen to represent us, after being fooled with the glitz and glamour of pretty promises which by action they prove to be legal lies. When we shed our fear of this we de-power them, taking the gunpowder out of their cannons. We are coming together in numbers and the propaganda of ‘new politics’ (which is just polished old politics) is falling short. The momentum that is prevalent now by all right thinking and fearless citizens who are willing to sacrifice the now for the future must be harnessed into a bolt of energy to strike at the heart of our political system, shattering it and changing it forever. This is what is happening, and what each and every one of use are responsible to add to and push ‘forward ever, backwards never.’ 

Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve

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