Stamp Of Failure

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

For far too long have we accepted lower than mediocre performance and the exchanging of hats of high office in the face of crippling failure. In the last 6 months alone has this been prevalent (like never before) in Governance of Trinidad and Tobago. The Cabinet decisions have become more frivolous in their nature than can be imagined, from the former appointments of Manning’s kiddie corner ministers (following the firing of top PNM ministers before the 2010 elections) to the grand international UN embarrassment by former Health Minister/ former TnT Ambassador Cornelis-Baptiste. Disaster after disaster with little, none, or less than we began with to show, is not the way to advance as a nation, worse yet is to accept this without putting on them the Stamp of Failure.

To understand what is really going on here we must first look at what we can call “failure.” Oxford dictionary defines failure as 1. lack of success, an unsuccessful person or thing. 2 the neglect or omission of expected or required action,  a lack or deficiency of a desirable quality. 3 the action or state of not functioning, a sudden cessation of power. Not sure which definition to go with when comparing to TnT’s political failures? Good news, put all in a hat, pluck out one randomly and you will be qualified for position of PM according to current trends in Office. In this case however we have the wildcard and safety net of the Trini definition of failure: “When dey not doin de wuk.” In general as Trini’s however we set the standard of “wuk” to be very low. The simple please us (even if we complain), but the major screw ups haven’t phased us, until recent times where we as a people have shown that some of us are beginning to wake up politically (Change, Exchange, Short-Change). We must take this to the point now where we can focus on non-performers who hide behind the guise of “PR performance,” incompetence and innocence, although some are innocently incompetent (which doesn’t change the fact that they have failed).

Even before that, when a person has failed in their running for an MP or is a friends/family member of those in power, they are made a Senator? With the Senate being perverted as an end-run around Ministerial appointments (since an appointed Senator can be made a Minister, i.e. Member of Cabinet) at will. What happens too when political dead horses are put in safe seats? We get a barnyard Parliament guaranteed. Quality being given up for cronyism and nepotism. It is no wonder that there is failure when it is set up from a pre-election mindset of “we go help we own,” and a post-election cult gathering of party financiers and high members. Those who have the power to change the country, orchestrate failure at their benefit and the common man’s lose.

If we were to host the Stamp of Failure Awards, we can go back to 1962 and honourable mentions would be a list longer than the lines for The Dark Knight Rises and the PM’s helicopter fuel bill combined. For now we must be prepared to hold those in Office accountable for what is going on now rather than the sins of the past that the old administrations were voted out for. A new age of politics is being spoken about but with the same type of politics we saw in the past, the only difference being a prettier face and more conniving plots to keep the people dependent and docile. When an Official in high office fails, stamp their failure and remove them, rather than promote them to another (possibly even higher) position and pat them on the back. We must be prepared to not only hold those in charge to their promises and what we want as a nation, but to also realize that stagnation is in itself failure. The Government is mandated to perform in the sense of developing the country and protecting the needs of the citizens, not perform like they are part of some overpaid circus. Long overdue, hire them (vote), if they don’t perform, fire them (demanding again recall legislation (Constitutional Reform- RECALL). The big question that always is thrown as a defense: And Put Who? Allya go move everyone we put there? Answer: You mean to tell me that not one person in your entire blasted party can do the job right? And yes, whoever doesn’t perform, move their tail even if it has to be on a weekly basis until you put someone who can handle the work. Until we can assign the Stamp of Failure at a Governmental and Societal level, we are doomed to place that Stamp on the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago itself.

Failure is failure anyway you take it and we must look past party, class, race and any other distraction used to keep us fighting among ourselves. Stop measuring Failure and Success on Personality/Popularity and start on Performance and Results. Remember always: United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

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