Hanging our Cultural Head in Shame

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissesser in her Nagar speech lashes out against Dr. Keith Rowley for him wearing a Kurta on Divali. 

I have been critical at times of Politicians using religious celebrations to play ‘dress up’ in light of the PM parading in different garbs almost monthly at a point as I think it was overdone to almost the point of mockery. Despite this I stayed silent as the PM is the PM and must put on a certain show for different sects of he public to display a sense of unity. Now however now that the Opposition leader plays dress up for an event (not the first time), in which he must be just as diplomatic given his position and aspirations, it is not okay? The PM is going down a dangerous road here I believe in not only being hypocritical but in attempting to stir up old racial perceptions and tensions in a (just slightly) more subtly manner than her National Security Minister.

When the PM not only stays silent on mad prejudice statements, misconduct of her Cabinet and goes out of her way to affirm support of the wrongs of these agents there is not much left to hold on to in he Government. All of this while for the last number of months alone there being state board Heads resignations exceeding a dozen and public Fiasco’s which have brought the Government and their position in the Parliament into disrepute. In light of these issues the response has amounted to redoubling, tripling and quadrupling Public Relation efforts, mid-term campaigning, and suggestive/direct behaviour to curtail our civil rights. Engaging in this type of behaviour points to canopy of poor governance in which light can no longer shine through. The only option that seems inevitable to bring any legitimacy and trust of the people (to any extent) back towards our State Offices, is for the PM to advise the President to Dissolve Parliament. 

We have all had ENOUGH….

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