National Security Presents: Laventille Day Fete.

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Generalissimo of National Security Jack Warner in his crusade to ‘end’ crime, which amounts to targeting Laventille in a hap hazard way, saw its grand party of rainbows and sunshine which ended PNM sponsored crime one and for all. This is how it was meant to appear at least. What is all of this about? For those out there who don’t know what went on, The Minister of National Security held a “Family Day” for Laventille residents, in the Queen’s Park Savannah last Sunday at the estimated cost of $4.5M.

Overpriced Cost: The first thing that stands out is the reported cost. $4.5M for what now? Apart from top soca entertainers:
“There also is expected to be a career fair with display booths from various companies on job opportunities, products and services. As well as witnessing the arrival of Santa Claus, who would share gifts, residents can take their photos with Olympic gold medalist Keshorn Walcott.” No joke. Santa and Keshorn coming to town to fix Laventille… Now while I agree with the job booths 100%, did you really have to throw in Santa and Keshorn here?   It seems to me that this would have much better served as an opportunity for a job fair than anything. Now even with all of the goodies and candy, tell us please Generalissimo, how the hell does a Laventille “Family Day” cost $4.5M? For that price you can establish some type of employment development or specific education program for the residents. Rum and Roti Politics, Cock and Bull political development.

Coffle Transport: All of the above aside, there is an issue that really makes us do a double take to see if we heard correctly. Jack’s Laventille Event: “The event billed “one family” will see police and prison vehicles ferrying residents to the Savannah for a whole day event that will involve over ten local entertainers and groups.” Having them get lift to the party in Police Cars and Prison Trucks… ARE THEY SERIOUS?! Get them accustom riding in those type of vehicles from now, and we wonder why we have a sociological breakdown in those micro-societies…Insulting to to everyone here.

Undesirable Results: This extravagant party in which the overpriced organizers are the real winners is not going to be anything progressive enough to empower the residents of Laventille. This comes on the heels of reported big cash deals made between the National Security Minister and Top Gang leaders for them to “stop warring” in the areas and there being almost a state of martial law in the area where innocent citizens are being pushed around by joint police/military patrols. While we continue to treat the Criminal Element as legitimately accepted thugs on a national level we will never reduce crime to be able to mount an attack on the Criminal mindset. Giving out gifts (both figuratively and literally) to areas which produce criminals at an alarming rate while allowing police to ruff up who they so wish is not the way forward. In doing this we reward the wrong and let the innocent in the area to get caught in the crossfire. An outright attack on the criminals along with Social Development has to be addressed and in a way outside the scope of hampers and parties. 

On top of all of this, which amounts to little value, what is more absurd is that there is indication that there will be other family days like this, at these costs for other “hot spots.” We are One People, everyone should benefit and be empowered by our wealth here, not just a select few who use the lower class as an excuse to gauge our state funds. Bring real change to our underprivileged from depressed areas, not political candy to rot them. 

Note: News reports that the event was poorly attended. Political mamaguying is falling short these days. O and 2 were shot dead in Laventille immediately following. Go figure…

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