Re-Routing Governance: Adding Insults to Indecency.

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

One in Public Life must be always be mindful of what they say, especially in reference to others in the same light. The spotlight of the Media has been shining bright recently on the Re-Route Movement with politicians both in support of the Movement’s call for transparency (by way of a Technical Review), and against the idea that a Government must keep it’s promises and account to it’s people. Seem like a one sided argument? Well sometimes the truth is. Aside from the issue however tempers often flair and those fighting the good fight and those fighting for whatever they can grab alike are prone to allowing the filter that exists between their mind and mouth to become so filled in that the undesirable slips out.

Dr. Kublalsingh started off on the wrong foot with uncharacteristic behaviour by cursing out the Minister of Health at the protest camp outside of the PM’s office. While this was a product of the Health Minister trying to show an empty gesture of compassion on the Government’s end (especially as the Kublalsingh family had their private ambulance on standby), and the effects of then Day 5 of the Hunger strike was kicking in, it was indeed an uncalled for reaction. The same day the good Dr. apologized for the cursing itself but maintained his stance. If a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if a statement is made and no one of the media around to hear it, does it count? In any case, he repeated the apology but stood strong by his conviction not to let the Government mamaguy him. That issue settled, what comes from the other side now?

With the claim of legality but with no morality, the Government uses their usual unethical but unchangeable loophole to spew venom from behind their forked tongues. Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, which symbolized a new holy life for him. In a direct foil to this the UNC Monday night “forum” (aka. the Debe Circus) revived with the power of Money, Cepep and URP force, was turned from a once productive stage to a malicious monster of a show. The PM attempts to bat off criticism by implying that those against her are sexist, which I guess get to the root of the issue now doesnt it? In lieu of anything else to show other than lies about crime statistics (see police website) and what looked like a 4 page report which we were suppose to believe contained a full Environmental and Cost Benefit analysis. The only bit of truth that we revieved from the Puppet Madam was admitting that a man was dying. This prompted one of the most despicable statements ever uttered by a Minister, if not THE most. Minister of National Security, Generalissimo Jack, says that Dr. Kublalsingh is killing himself , and “he should hurry and do so quickly.” Not to be outdone however, Minister of Housing, Mad Eyeball Moonilal who usually can’t see past the dementors of public distrust circling Ghost Companies’ bankrolls, says that the Kublalsingh family, especially in regards to the mother, operate as a Cult. And here we thought that a strong family unit and support was a good thing, but under the moral code of the UNC it only applies when you are for them.

All in all, what we are left with is the usual style of the Government that we are disgusted with. No sense of decency or morals. No focus on the issues, but rather a rant on personalities and personalized insults. Wajang politics at its worst or best depending on how you look at it. Either way we have reached a new low in Government Response to a pressing public issue. No apology given, no apology needed, the venom of a viper can be countered (if treated quickly), but there is always more to pump in from the serpent’s teeth.

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