Political Youth (Non)Development

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

What is worse for a young person, standing still, or going backwards? Not being recognized or fading into irrelevance from an early age? And what happens when it is a collective group of organized youths that has been drawn to abide by the hive mentality, how much worse is it? This is the state of the nation’s Youth Arms of their political parties. The PNM Youth League is stagnant much in the way that the Opposition seems powerless, and the UNC Youth Arm is flailing about in the same shallow pool of sycophancy that the Government has taught them to adhere to. As for the UNC Light (COP) Youths, well if you know of their existence at all, you know more than the average man on the street, let us leave it at that.

The PNM Youth League for some time now has proven to be inactive outside of themselves. A document signed here and an event there (that no one hears about anyway), seems to be the same leaf blowing in the political breeze, not noticed, non concerning. This points to a sense of the management being clueless and of the Youth League members at the very least suffering from the lack-of-direction syndrome that is currently plaguing the Adult section of the Band (Getting into Government is not considered for any substantive purpose, direction). Guess there is nowhere to go from here but up, right? Well they better get to gutting out the Youth League of personnel who are holding them back and the hot air of some which is occupying the space where growth, empowerment and development is suppose to be. Impotence, whether of choice or circumstance cannot take anyone forward.

The UNC Youth Arm. Well what can be said of their recent actions which underline the mentality there, that Dana Seetahal S.C. did not already say? The crocus bag of ‘rubbish’ that is spewing from it’s executive’s mouth on almost a daily basis is sickening to say the least in the minor and grand scheme of things. On the minor end there is the constant daily banter of loyalists and sycophants (some both) that you would swear they are being paid to say (who knows) with a straight face and the same plastic expression. The retort has been a regular attack on the character of the individuals who oppose their Adult (free drinks) section, and the lifting on a pedestal of their ‘Leaders’ in public releases. What is sad is that many statements amount to plain out Lies about matters that were not even contested. How can someone say they plain out lie without proof? Simple, there is. While there is not hard evidence in the public’s possession of the PM being drunk on alcohol  and being drunk on power is considered a subjective view, statements such as ‘Crime has been reduced’ can easily be seen for what it is when the Police Crime statistics indicate otherwise. Brass face lies in these important instances amounts to a despicable manipulation of the genuine ignorance and complacency that many Trinis tend to hold as their comfort zone. No amount of protests of Youths Arm members who are receiving paid positions in the Government/Public Sector can cover up what is really going on.

The role of Youths in the 21st century is far different from the 20th century. Youths were once looked at as having to grow up into adulthood to follow the trend of the mold set. Now Youths are challenged with having to have their own input into society and set the mold for themselves which could, if guided by the wisdom of those who hold it, result in real social, political, and economical changes (among others). The choice now that the current political parties are offering are either to remain in indefinite limbo, or to sell your soul to the devil. What is even sadder is that the Youth “Leaders” who are holding an elected post are not only allowing this to prevail but are encouraging it by compliance. Want to be a real Leader? Stand up to the wrongs of the adults from the inside and dare to show them the way with full conviction if they are lost. A Lamb has no place among Lions, and if you are just there to be eaten, you serve no constructive purpose to those whom you claim to Lead.

We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children” – Native American Proverb.

  1. Good article Paul on the uninspiring state of bogus youth leaders from phony youth arms of political parties. Young people who want to make a difference in T&T should pattern their behaviour after real young leaders you who are making a genuine contribution via their involvement in groups like Jericho Project, Trinidad Youth Council, National Advocates For A Youth Parliament etc. Continue my friend to write great articles.Regards,Keegan BharathThe Intelligent Radical

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