2012 Apocalypse: ALL AH DEM IS AH PNM!

Posted: December 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The end of the world was anticipated yesterday by much of the population, due to an interpretation of the Mayan Calender which ended on the 21.12.12. This would surely have been the end of us, that is if it wasn’t for the actions of the UNC Government. In a joint-release from the Office of the Primary Manipulator and the Assistant Gangster much was revealed about the cunning plot to cause mischief and anarchy among all true yellow/orange blooded Trinidadians.

The AG revealed shocking information that the Mayans were actually in fact all PNM! This is the first thing that must be identified in understanding how the Mayans predicted that TnT would have it’s greatest Government ever in 2012 and how this same Government prevented the end of the world. The Mayan’s were indeed masters of this art in creating the calender and at the same time creating mischief as the end of the world in 2012 would mean that the UNC would not be able to spend all of their poor man’s $58B Budget which would cure cancer and align us with the sun perfectly for every Trinidadian (except of course the PM) to get a dark tan and move us lower down on the caste system, making us all finally one people.

However thanks to a combination of constant worship of Kamla murti and a hidden clause in Section 34, Doomsday was avoided. When questioned about the details of how this actually operated to prevent disaster, the PM said, “I have been advised,” and the National Security Minister added “Everyone of the Mayans and ones who question this are of African Descent.” So with no further explanation needed we can see clearly why the Mayans were bias and wrong in their prediction/plot, the real reason for Section 34 passing, and why not to question the Government who is obviously in our best interest.

God Bless our Sweet Banana Republic.

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