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The Racist Re-Retort

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Here we are again, in 2013 we realize that there are some elements of society that object racial harmony. The very notion of living in peace, love and unity with our fellow Trinbagonians in this multi-ethnic/cultural/religious nation seems taboo to the few, who see the binding bond of our countrymen, being not our ties to each other an the soil, but rather ties to a motherland and systems so inherently evil in their division of people that there is no place for it in this new world. What is the latest race rambling in TnT? Why the rantings of Sat Maharaj of course. It wouldn’t be a serious race issue with massive public outcry if the Supreme Fuer of the Maha Sabha wasn’t involved. Not to detract from any good work the Maha Sabha has actually done, but having Segregation Sat at the helm, being known to the general public as the face of the organisation, reflects poorly on everyone involved. The inciting of this race driven agenda of his which he somehow sees as the Hindu Crusade in TnT holds no relevance in the minds of any right thinking and progressive citizen, and his statements rotting with the ill intent of a divisive time passed.

The Maha Sabha Mad Man Maharaj has gone overboard as usual, this time however targeting Tobago. In following the 12-0 political bloodbath in the Jan 21st THA elections, he has called the entire island of Tobago collectively racist. Not to be one to stop at a mere statement, he addressed the has commanded his troop (which comprise those too docile to think for themselves, or too ignorant to see past the race rantings) to totally pull out of and further, boycott trips to Tobago. Speaking to all those of East Indian Descent and of the Hindu religion, and calling for this action from them incites a serious backlash of racial tension that can span across the entire nation if it gets out of hand (which some say it has), and may possibly lead to violence if taken to heart by the wrong individuals.

Not being a crackpot, but rather being a fully coherent person his agenda, Sat further calls for Tobago to be “Independent” of Trinidad. What is very interesting about this predicament is the timing at which he makes this announcement. Why not around the time of the Tobago Bill that they Government used as a ploy for votes in the THA? Why not anytime at all before the defeat at the polls? He also insulted Tobagonians as claiming that Tobago had no value to Trinidad and provide only negative in economic drain and racist tendencies. What does this say in its timing? That it was okay if Tobago bowed down to the UNC via the TOP, but for them to be in charge of their own affairs and partake in democracy is wrong given their choice. A clear case of double standards and a reckless race missile that can cause untold strife and division (as it has in the past). And on top of everything, this is the man who has just been granted a licence to operate a TV station in which is implied to be the voice of the Hindu community?

With this Racist Re-Retort in the limelight now, one wonders how come he is still a columnist in a news paper, holds an executive position in a prevalent Hindu organization, and most importantly commands such high support among his clique in High Office. The only consolation to this is that this issue has served to expose the nastiness of racism and has worked in some ways against his agenda. Those of every creed and race, especially between the Afro-trinis and Indo-trinis which he sought to divide, have expressed disgust and the rebuking of this sort of talk, taking a step forward in mentality and unity of our people of Trinidad and Tobago. We are all of different races, religions, etc. in Trinidad and Tobago. Be proud of your heritage  culture and religion always, but be respectful to one another always. Let us break down the barriers that divide us and seek to move forward as all Brothers and Sisters of this soil.

Top-less Politics

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What can be said from an analytic standpoint, of the state of politics in Trinidad and Tobago following the January 21st THA Elections? What indicator is this of the people’s view of and response to the ‘performance’ and campaigning tactics/efforts of the Smokescreen of a Government called the “People’s Partnership?” This matter goes far beyond the THA elections as this was merely a catalyst for the next General Elections with it acting to this end- The Government exposing the farce of the People’s Partnership being anything other than UNC and Friends.

Some call the TOP defeat a whitewash, when it could more adequately be describes as a political bloodbath at the polls which left the whole of Tobago covered in red and liberated. Liberated of the “Change” that was really an attempt to short-change the citizens, by a 12-0 victory of the voice of the people, in rejection to the race card and handouts being the set price of the souls of Tobago. Now with a chair in the ‘Partnership’ but no seat of his own, where does Ashworthless (formally Ashworth prior to Jan 21st) stand? The best possible guess would be right there is the corner of his $4M unaccounted for house, behaving himself like a good subject of the UNC to maintain the illusion that the TOP has any other job in the ‘Partnership’ but to maintain an image of a fair coalition. (for a detailed description of the major reasons why they lost so badly see article-Re-Colonizing Tobago  ). With this sound Cut Tail experienced in Tobago, that not even a $50M push from the beneficiaries   of Section 34 could stop, the PNM now controls all of the THA. With the largest voter turnout in their history, it is obvious that TOBAGO doesn’t want the TOP in any capacity. Tobago East and West are both in control of TOP MPs. What is their purpose there now? To Represent their head party’s interest and a gang of supporters?

The actions of the UNC executive members, mainly the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, in taking total control of the TOP campaign inadvertently through sloppy handling have left the ‘Partnership’ exposed as being the UNC and whoever is eatin’ ah food under their ruler-ship. Ashworth Jack was no where to be found for his comments and The Prime Minister declares that the election is over and the TOP has lost. So it seems that now they not even trying to pretend that the TOP was anything other than a Puppet of the UNC. She Concedes on Ashworth’s behalf. A clear show of who is running the show with them.

Now what is their rational to make sense of the loss? Rather then discard the Race Card, they pull together whatever thrown out rotting parts they can find, hook up political jumper cables and create the modern day Frankenstein of a tactic breed in ignorance, and that thrives on a hared so evil that we should reject and rebuke in whatever name we believe in, to give it no ground ever on our soil. The UNC collectively, including their politically purchased analysts and fans have come up with an excuse and are sticking to it. They claim Tobagonians are racist. Respect for our bago brothers and sisters? Guess that only applies if they had won. On Top of that, isn’t Ashworth Jack of African Descent? More proof of which group is really in charge. The Minister of National Security, Board member of the Equal Opportunity Commission (which is suppose to be independent), other sycophants and loyalists alike have become very vocal in their expression of how “racist” Tobagonians are to them. Intelligent patriotic people when they won the 2 General Election Seats in Tobago in 2010, Racist when they reject the total chaos and blatant corruption, deception, and snarling attacks on democracy that have been experienced over the last 2 and a half years in Trinidad. That seems to be the logic here…O and Prakash said something too implying racism but no one takes him on much anyway.

The Top has been blown off of the sham of a coalition. With no Political relevance and a sound defeat ahead in the 2015 election in both Tobago East and Tobago West, what is left of them, or the ‘Partnership’ in general? MSJ and NJAC are gone, COP is totally irrelevant and clueless as to any action outside of contracts, state board and ministerial  appointments, TOP has bowed down to lick the feet of UNC in ever form or fashion (publicly and privately). In short, “we get catch good” in the short run. However now that the political smokescreen of an alliance of anything other than a Head party giving out gifts and privileges in exchange for the protection of (false) integrity, the Government’s control and interest have been left topless, completely exposed to the citizens at large. There exists the UNC and Friends in power.

Note: There is no registered “People’s Partnership” at the Elections and Boundaries Commission. As such, the UNC is the official Government and holds all legal right over majority powers and appointments.  

Re-Colonizing Tobago

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 With our 50th Independence fresh in our memory… Can Tobago really say it is free from the same system of Re Colonizing that has plagued Trinidad? Many have accused Trinidad as being the colonizer of Tobago. When we put this under the microscope however, we can see more closely what is missed from sitting on Top and looking down on our sister isles, and are left with a startling realization: Tobago is under the same system of abuse and subject to the prettily dressed Re-colonizing attacks that Trinidad deals with in larger doses (due to the size). What is the latest strategy and tactics to bring it about? A full fledged yet backwards attack on the Citizens of Tobago with the underlying sentence that is expressed in the actions of the “TOP” aka UNC Tobago branch “Tobago is a land of impoverished Africans.” 

Harsh words? Yes, but warranted given the extent of the plays on Race and the Handouts of white gold doubloons thrown out at the crowds from the seemingly unlimited coffers of the Party in full control of TnT, i.e. the UNC. First the idea of there being a Tobago Organization of the People needs to be sorted out. The TOP has operated as nothing more as the Tobago branch of the UNC with the guises (or perhaps novelty) of being a “Tobagonian” Party. Need more proof other than the total subjugation of the TOP MPs to the PM and her Cabal, including their silence on matters of national importance (Section 34, National Security being dismantled, etc.), and matters of more localized importance (Ashworth Jack’s $2M house, failing to declare assets to the Integrity Commission, lack of initiative in the Ministry of Tobago Development, etc.)? How about the fact that the Prime Minister, National Security Minister, as well as other ranking Cabinet members in the UNC Executive have flown up to Tobago (using National Security Helicopters for their own political purpose to get there) and taken total control of the campaign. Ashworth has become Ashworthless, the political leader of the TOP that was a political Pinocchio has now had his strings re-attached and is rendered helpless, much like his Party.

Now onto the hot topic, Race. We thought we saw an end of Race Politics in 2010 via the People Partnership, but in reality we saw a hiatus and return of it via the UNC and Friends Government. The same race bashing that we witnessed on the Divali Nagar stage by the PM and The Generalissimo Jack has been repeated in Tobago. The MC on the Friday night TOP (UNC) platform made the comment that PNM stands for “Punish Niggers More.” The MC was pulled aside after and told it was wrong…No apology issued, no attempt to even do damage control of such an utterly reckless, shallow and racist, assault on the minds of the Tobago people. Now a UNC Loyalist attempted to spin bowl this soft boiled statement, saying that the direction of the statement was being misunderstood. An acquitted response would be, ‘well what kind of Nigger were you talking about then? PNM Niggers? Tobago Niggers? To which Niggers directly was was it directed?’ Some would call this a blunder a horrible mistake, we in Trinidad would call it an average day in the life of the Government.

The Race card being used as a non-trump in politics now, what else has become outdated yet is still shoved down our throats by Politicians? Handouts! Those fancy little cell phones and money shoved in T-shirts that Manning made famous in the last Elections. Not much unlike the Spanish in the West Indies and the British in West Africa, they land on the shores with trinkets, bling, and all manners of shiny ting. But we are in the 2013 now, so what would be more appropriate in this light on Top of the reported $500 and a t-shirt? How about i-pads, i-pods, and i-phones. Wonder if Ish and Steve are planning to open an Apple Store in Tobago now or something…in any case Tobagonians are being treated like beggars here almost and the when the When they get a sound i-CutTail in Monday’s elections they will know what dotishness they’re really on. 

Now this wouldn’t be any kind of Tobago talk unless the issue of Tobago Legislation was at least mentioned. The campaign of the PNM’s “Defend Your Heritage  is being countered in a degrading manner with the UNC response “Free Tobago.” So an artificial Bill was created as it proposed to give Tobago Autonomy, yet their decisions in the THA would still be subject to the TnT Central Government. Going off on this and sounding as if they are making Tobago an Republic of itself, while at the same time having nothing but the empty promises that were made to Trinidadians of prosperity. All in all this amounts to simply allowing the leader of the THA more power over Tobago (and it’s resources  if TOP wins, and a Legal avenue to block this if PNM wins. A Win-Win for UNC and TOP (which are led by the same figures in the background) and a Lose scenario for the people of Tobago no matter who wins. 

So let’s recap: Step One- Treat the people like they are Stupid by hiding under the cloud of another subjugated Party. Step Two- Treat the People as if they are for Sale with Handouts in exchange for votes. Step Three- Treat the people like they are Ignorant by drawing the Race card. Step Four- Pull a Section 34 and use Parliament as a Circus (like everything else) to fool the Nation for a Political Agenda. So there you have it, the Ultimate plan to “Serve the People” of Tobago in the same form and fashion that Trinidad has been Served directly over the last Two and a half years. Long Live the Queen and God Bless our Banana Republic…

Drink and Wine, Sex down de Place and be fine
Alcohol abuse? Waz dat?
Making children all over? Boy yuh have Back!
The Youth are looking up for those who do nothing but pose.
Stressed in life? Drunk ah gyal and give she some hoes
Now young ladies doh feel left out, find ah man an brock out.
Chile fadda all over the place? Gyal yuh have plenty pace!
Fraid AIDS and Bad Health? Doh study it, waist need tuh pelt!
Yuh doh have Parents or Hope? Betta yet, try some coke
Lock up is small ting man, Go in, come out, play ah next hand.

Yuh see, wasn’t so bad
What tuh lose yuh really had?
Now tell we what yuh learn
So iz really around dat corner tuh turn?
Well youth de ting in yuh

Come now an be ah member
Doh study what right an wrong
Society done move on
Yuh doh belong nowhere son
Now come wit we,
An yeah iz You tuh carry de gun.

When we allow slackness to be encouraged at an early age among children who are without Guidance at home, especially the Orphans and Underprivileged youths who have little parental interaction other than a caretaker, this is a quick and decisive faith. Some pull out of their situations, and make it in life, while even drinking, partying etc in moderation, but what happens to the ones who give into the temptation because of either not knowing or feeling that sense of complete hopelessness that seems rampant nowadays?

Things are getting worse, not better and we need to work towards a better tomorrow. Talk to the younger generation, let them know what is out there and the dangers of it. Give them love and support. Get involved in charity, counselling, teaching, mentoring, etc., whatever you can do to make a difference in a child of any age’s life. Take action to make that Hope of a better tomorrow a reality for them. 

(Think, it could be your child if you aren’t around or could have been you if you were under a wrong following or orphaned)

The Racist Retort

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So Racism is the New (Old) Political hot topic nowadays. Party supporters on both sides spewing sterile venom at each other to make themselves seem less racist by comparison. It makes us wonder at times what is more tiring, adhering to the will of the wayward “leaders” by being tugged and pulled by the invisible sociological string of Part-Race Politics, or having to listen to rants about who likes straight hair more in one ear and course hair in the next.

The most recent hullabaloo has been over (PNM) Tobago Council candidate Sandy making the statement that a “boat from Calcutta” was ready to come to Tobago if the TOP (UNC) were to win. Not much unlike the rants of certain Ministers who used the UNC Monday night “forums” and Religious celebrations to push the bar from their end. These type of statements were or course made on a political stage or wherever they would be accepted (although to the outside public they weren’t), which in recent times has become an excuse to blurt out whatever disgusting (and too an extent not legal due to sedition/incitement laws) racist political dribble that the general public is expected to lap up from a puddle on the floor.

So we have a Candidate in Tobago making these ridiculous statement then issuing an apology. We also have Ministers in office making racist comments in Trinidad. The solution to cull this type of unwanted prejudice is simple, cut the Candidate and remove the Minister(s). Perhaps it is better this way. Rather than them hiding their underlying urge to go back in time to a place where people were ranked caste like requirements and micro-socio segregation, let them come out. What we must do as civil society (i.e. the public), is refuse to vote for them, and demand their removal if they are in office behaving in this manner.

This type of Old and Backwards politics of pulling the race care come from both sides. Some draw it blindly as a shallow ploy for votes/support depending on the crowd, and some keep it in the deck as to play at the point where their genuinely racist agenda may blossom into the single coloured rose bush filled with thorns that they always dreamed of.

Some people get hyper and say things rashly, but the citizens of the Nation need to respond in the same manner. Does this mean that everyone should just shut up and ignore racism here? Never, each issue must be addressed and no one should be exempted because someone else was deemed to have been worse. This is the type of politics that we must as a nation say “NO” to always no matter who, what, when, where, why.

“Here Every Creed and Race Find an Equal Place”