The Racist Retort

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

So Racism is the New (Old) Political hot topic nowadays. Party supporters on both sides spewing sterile venom at each other to make themselves seem less racist by comparison. It makes us wonder at times what is more tiring, adhering to the will of the wayward “leaders” by being tugged and pulled by the invisible sociological string of Part-Race Politics, or having to listen to rants about who likes straight hair more in one ear and course hair in the next.

The most recent hullabaloo has been over (PNM) Tobago Council candidate Sandy making the statement that a “boat from Calcutta” was ready to come to Tobago if the TOP (UNC) were to win. Not much unlike the rants of certain Ministers who used the UNC Monday night “forums” and Religious celebrations to push the bar from their end. These type of statements were or course made on a political stage or wherever they would be accepted (although to the outside public they weren’t), which in recent times has become an excuse to blurt out whatever disgusting (and too an extent not legal due to sedition/incitement laws) racist political dribble that the general public is expected to lap up from a puddle on the floor.

So we have a Candidate in Tobago making these ridiculous statement then issuing an apology. We also have Ministers in office making racist comments in Trinidad. The solution to cull this type of unwanted prejudice is simple, cut the Candidate and remove the Minister(s). Perhaps it is better this way. Rather than them hiding their underlying urge to go back in time to a place where people were ranked caste like requirements and micro-socio segregation, let them come out. What we must do as civil society (i.e. the public), is refuse to vote for them, and demand their removal if they are in office behaving in this manner.

This type of Old and Backwards politics of pulling the race care come from both sides. Some draw it blindly as a shallow ploy for votes/support depending on the crowd, and some keep it in the deck as to play at the point where their genuinely racist agenda may blossom into the single coloured rose bush filled with thorns that they always dreamed of.

Some people get hyper and say things rashly, but the citizens of the Nation need to respond in the same manner. Does this mean that everyone should just shut up and ignore racism here? Never, each issue must be addressed and no one should be exempted because someone else was deemed to have been worse. This is the type of politics that we must as a nation say “NO” to always no matter who, what, when, where, why.

“Here Every Creed and Race Find an Equal Place”

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