Remodeling the Roles: Down They Go.

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Drink and Wine, Sex down de Place and be fine
Alcohol abuse? Waz dat?
Making children all over? Boy yuh have Back!
The Youth are looking up for those who do nothing but pose.
Stressed in life? Drunk ah gyal and give she some hoes
Now young ladies doh feel left out, find ah man an brock out.
Chile fadda all over the place? Gyal yuh have plenty pace!
Fraid AIDS and Bad Health? Doh study it, waist need tuh pelt!
Yuh doh have Parents or Hope? Betta yet, try some coke
Lock up is small ting man, Go in, come out, play ah next hand.

Yuh see, wasn’t so bad
What tuh lose yuh really had?
Now tell we what yuh learn
So iz really around dat corner tuh turn?
Well youth de ting in yuh

Come now an be ah member
Doh study what right an wrong
Society done move on
Yuh doh belong nowhere son
Now come wit we,
An yeah iz You tuh carry de gun.

When we allow slackness to be encouraged at an early age among children who are without Guidance at home, especially the Orphans and Underprivileged youths who have little parental interaction other than a caretaker, this is a quick and decisive faith. Some pull out of their situations, and make it in life, while even drinking, partying etc in moderation, but what happens to the ones who give into the temptation because of either not knowing or feeling that sense of complete hopelessness that seems rampant nowadays?

Things are getting worse, not better and we need to work towards a better tomorrow. Talk to the younger generation, let them know what is out there and the dangers of it. Give them love and support. Get involved in charity, counselling, teaching, mentoring, etc., whatever you can do to make a difference in a child of any age’s life. Take action to make that Hope of a better tomorrow a reality for them. 

(Think, it could be your child if you aren’t around or could have been you if you were under a wrong following or orphaned)

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